Cosmetic Ingredients NOT to wear in summer

At this time of year the sun is stronger than ever and its UV rays are very harmful to the skin. The use of sunscreen high and not exposed in times where it becomes very harmful is key to prevent aging of the skin. But those who are careful dermis with creams and treatments should consider some other considerations in use during the summer. There are some good ingredients to rejuvenate the face, but in combination with the sun really can become harmful and cause the opposite effect.

We begin to see some wrinkles on the skin, marks, stains, the tone is not the same
We begin to see some wrinkles on the skin, marks, stains, the tone is not the same, etc. To all this is thanks to the good and abundant supply of cosmetics solution. In summer, it is not the time to try new things, but we must continue on the same page, paying special attention to cosmetic ingredients we use to not have unwanted reactions to sun exposure.

In these warmer months, where there is greater solar intensity, skin is assaulted although care for and must avoid excessively weaken it. It is therefore pay attention to key ingredients formulated our products to care and treatment reviewing their labels. If there are certain components that will name below each other, it is best to discontinue use and retake it in the fall when the skin is ready to receive them and no longer any danger.

Glycolic Acid: A natural acid from sugar cane whose main effect is the peeling of the skin. Thanks to this effect, allows creams penetrate better inside the skin, maximizing its effect. It is a common ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams and skin lightening but should not be used during the summer as it generates stain the skin even more. Anything exfoliation should be avoided at this time unless it be something very soft to sweep away dead skin.

Salicylic acid: this powerful exfoliating and cleansing treatments found in anti-acne creams or refining the skin for combination or oily skin. It’s great because it dries the skin but is strong and leaves very sensitive. In combination with the sun can generate burning and skin reactions.

Kojic Acid: The star ingredient of depigmentation treatments . It is a natural product resulting from the fermentation process (fungus) made ??with Japanese sake rice wine. It is very powerful and is present in almost all anti-blemish cream. It’s good for the summer and then use erase those dark patches of skin, but never for longer staining further.

Retinoids or derivatives of Vitamin A: They are all powerful agents that reactivate cell renewal, production of collagen anti-wrinkle and thus excellent. At different concentrations are part of the anti-aging creams and although slow release formulations are not irritate the dermis, are indicated when no sun exposure.

These allies beauty, are thought treatment creams very high action that are hard on the facial skin but tolerable. In some cases it is recommended to use only at night and always even in winter, accompany with SPF 50 sun protection during the day. Its use must be followed by a dermatologist and suspend always summer controlling not to worsen the problems or generate a new derivative having little skin defense due to its use.