Create artificial skin that erases wrinkles and rejuvenates

This innovation dubbed XPL , is extremely thin and imperceptible, Create artificial skin

In terms of aesthetic science advances by leaps and bounds, and this is of course due to the high demand for “eternal youth” that exists today. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT , have created a sort of second skin , made ??by a silicone that is able to mimic the mechanical and elastic properties of healthy, youthful skin.
This innovation dubbed XPL , is extremely thin and imperceptible, Create artificial skin
This innovation dubbed XPL , is extremely thin and imperceptible, is placed on the skin and tightens the skin immediately, smoothes wrinkles, hides bags under the eyes and improves the smoothness.

Researchers are hopeful with this finding, which they see promising to replace current treatments for eczema or dermatitis and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, but above all, its most profitable use would be to rejuvenate temporarily face .

“It is an invisible layer that can provide a barrier, a cosmetic improvement and potentially deliver a drug locally in the area being treated. Those three things together could really make this artificial skin is ideal for use in humans, “says Daniel Anderson, associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT and member of the Koch Institute at MIT for Integrative Cancer Research professor and the Institute of Medical Science and Engineering (IMES).

According to the results published in the journal Nature Materials, the skin XPL is able to erase nearly 10 years of aging in an instant. The effect is two minutes of applying the product and lasts for 24 hours.

But these benefits are not limited to , the skin XPL also has great moisturizing potential. Laboratory results showed that after two hours, covered with XPL face showed lower water loss, thus giving better results than a moisturizer.

Notably product creation took a hard work of research before scientists tried to get hundreds of polymers possessing chemical structure called siloxane, an alternative chain of silicon and oxygen atoms.

No doubt that this invisible skin, capable of retaining water and rejuvenate, has incredible potential and numerous applications. The XPL skin is not yet available on the market, but certainly not delay in the market.