Crossfit exercises, the most recommended that will put you in shape

crossfit combines a large number of exercises so that we work all areas of our body and not only will change us aesthetically

In recent times there is an activity that has gained special prominence in sports centers and now everyone wants to practice it. Do you know what we mean? We are talking about crossfit, a sports modality based on basic military training that has become fashionable. Nowadays many men and the women practice it and has even become a habitual activity among some celebrities like Cameron Diaz or Jessica Alba. Not to be outdone, crossfit combines a large number of exercises so that we work all areas of our body and not only will change us aesthetically, it also brings us many health benefits. It is a demanding activity, but with effort … the reward is more than guaranteed!

crossfit combines a large number of exercises so that we work all areas of our body and not only will change us aesthetically

Crossfit exercises to get started

Although crossfit requires strength and resistance you should not fear anything, because here everyone sets his own goals and we will reach our possibilities. It is not a sport exclusively for athletes or physically prepared people, crossfit can be practiced by everyone at any age, we will only have to mark our guidelines and increase intensity in a progressive way.

That said, the first thing you should know is that a kind of crossfit does not usually have the same duration as others that we can usually carry out in the gym. They are exercises of greater intensity, so we will not need an hour to perform them. In fact, crossfit sessions are usually divided into three clearly differentiated parts.

The first step in facing a crossfit class will be warming up. We have to prepare our body, to put it ready to face the exercises that we will carry out next. Do not forget to warm muscles well and stretch your joints properly. In sports jargon this first phase is known as Warm Up. Then the class itself will come, where we will carry out all the exercises of the crossfit and we will work the different parts of our body. Remember that resistance and strength will be present at all times. To give you an idea of what can be a session of this sport we will tell you some of the most common exercises.

Crossfit exertion exercises

The 500 meters

This is a first initiation exercise to warm the body. We will have to make movements similar to those of rowing. Concretely it will be necessary to “paddle” 500 meters to work the lower train and to a greater extent the muscles of the back. Whenever we can include in the exercise some element of resistance.

The second step: the 40 squats

Squats are a series of squats that we will perform through repetitions in a short period of time. With them we will work the legs and buttocks, but they are squats somewhat more intense than the ones that we know normally. To perform them properly we will have to place the hip below the kneecap, leaving all our weight on the heels. Of course, the back has to be as straight as possible and when we flex we must ensure that the knees do not exceed the feet.


It is an exercise where we work the abdominal area. In particular we will have to carry out 30 repetitions. The activity is done sitting on the floor, with the legs slightly flexed and the hands glued to the body. You will have to lift the trunk from the ground and reach the knees with your chest. At the beginning it is an exercise that costs work, but little by little we will take the trick.

20 push-ups

The arms and chest also have to be worked, and what better than doing it through push-ups. The crossfit proposes to perform 20 push-ups. In order for the push-ups to be performed correctly the chest must touch the ground and we will have to progressively climb. In the event that we can not carry out this action, at first we can help with our knees resting on the ground.

The back has to be worked

The back is one of the areas of our body that suffers the most, so it is good that we perform exercises to improve our muscles. With the crossfit we will do 10 pull-ups and we will need a bar. The goal is to surpass it with the chin, but for this you will need many hours of training. It is not easy to lift all of our weight. Once we have held the main session of this activity, the final part of the class is dedicated to stretching all the muscles on which we have worked with the crossfit exercises. This is essential, as this will avoid possible injuries.