CrossFit: precautions when practicing the discipline of fashion

Hard training in a short time and much effort is the key to Fit Cross that is becoming more popular. Suitable for both men and women at any age, it tests its maximum capacity with all kinds of exercises that require much physical work for people. Like any activity is good for health but if not practiced safely can be harmful. In this note we reveal the care that must be taken when entering this practice to avoid injury and annoying pains.

Intensive training called Crossfit is the latest trend in gyms, in fact has its own network of sites to practice that do not require complex and sophisticated machinery. His practice has many benefits for the body as it is trained entirely with very high levels of demand which help activate the most of all the muscles and work them in depth. For the same reason the activity is suited to anyone but there are levels and it must follow to exercise safely.

Zero risk by physical activity does not exist, no completely safe sport and hence the need to evaluate

Sometimes you get carried away with the requirement to have a trained body or welfare caused by the exercise becoming even slightly addicted to this release of endorphins. Hence it might not meet the safety standards that are so necessary. You train for very long time, huge efforts are made, and emotional and physical dependence is generated completely forgetting that for each age there is a maximum heart rate at which you have to work and the cross fit is very important to follow because we avoid overwhelm with discipline.

Precautions to practice CrossFit

Before exercise you have to know what our muscular level since the Cross Fit circuit must be adequate to our capabilities because there are exercises of all types and for all levels. So it is key always count on the guidance and supervision of a monitor. It will assess the level we have and the different exercises to be carried out safely.
You have to control the body and all its parts because the activity requires a sequence of exercises so followed almost no rest between each exercise. Therefore we must have a pilot control (up to where we can work) and a knowledge of the execution of each exercise to do it the right way. In some cases they are made ??separately before performing full to generate a habituation before making any complete routine circuit.
Such as intense training can hurt the joints and tendons easily as many exercises have very fast movements. Hence it is required to have a previous strength in every part (or tender work slowly) and always know the position that we acquire.

The exercise is intended first and then performed, just after much training time will be ready to do it automatically.

Not to about required and you must always use the appropriate charges to our physical condition. Weight overload is an insured injury.

This technique includes series of explosive movements, that are made ??with rhythm changes in very short periods so you have to assess the cardiac risk of the person who will practice and more if risk age.

Always have a correct assessment predeportiva in which we will know whether we are qualified for the activity. All this to reduce the risk to a minimum. The assessments are different depending on age. In under 35, a clinical examination, personal and family medical history and resting electrocardiogram are required. Sometimes you can add an echocardiogram. In those over 35, the same studies are required plus a stress test, which measures heart function under stress conditions. Any serious and responsible place requires us before leaving us initiate this practice.
Just as we evaluate the personal monitor, you have to assess the site where we do practice, you must have automatic defibrillators and staff (not a doctor) trained to handle along with CPR techniques that save lives.

Zero risk by physical activity does not exist, no completely safe sport and hence the need to evaluate it according to whether it meets internationally recognized five parameters that make healthy: . frequency, intensity, duration, and strength so in all there Be careful but above all with the intensity that should be very low to high and slowly progressive. Only then the body will normally accustomed to the requirement.