Diseases associated with using high heeled shoes

Leave heels for evening or night, daytime foot swells slowly and submit to more stress

Some of the funniest scenes in the film have come from the hand of men who wore heels. The trouble walking uploaded them gives a hint that it is unnatural to their body posture to force them.

And yes they are so, so, so divine! They learn not only to walk but to do them gracefully, and take them steadily for hours as true champions. Come on, that if the opportunity arises yourun with them hundred-meter fall without the false eyelash.

Leave heels for evening or night, daytime foot swells slowly and submit to more stress

But do you know how the high heels hurt your health?

The orthopedic surgeons worldwide have spent years warning that the high heels not only irreversibly deform the medium to long term your feet but produce devastating effects on knee and hip joints. No fear of failure because the diseases are unique, i.e. triggered only by the continued use of high heels.

It is true that the aesthetics of a woman with high heels is culturally associated with femininity and the legs and the figure looks more stylish and beautiful. Each centimeter doubles the pressure on the ball of the foot. And you do not know if it compensates. The doctor recommended height is 3 cm, but who can be sexy with a heel of 3 cm?

Be warned: the symptoms such as pain are usually occur when the injury is severe, so watch your feet from this very moment.

Diseases associated with using high heeled

These are some of the diseases by wearing heels:

  • Bunions and hammertoes (two types of displacement of the bones) due to poor distribution of pressure and weight.
  • Premature osteoarthritis in the knee joint due to excessive stress and poor posture.
  • Lumbar and articular overload and chronic back pain, neck and head posture compensation back for balance.
  • Varicose veins and circulation problems because the pressure on the triceps by posture, prevents good return circulation.
  • Morton’s Neuroma, an inflammation of the nerve branches of the foot produced by high heeled shoes that have yet sharpened narrow base.
  • Chronic ankle instability, a condition that causes great falls very harmful and aging.

What to do for high heel shoes not to harm us?

Tips to avoid damage to heels:

  • Try and buy them by the evening, when the foot is already dilated all day.
  • Stretch your calf muscles regularly to promote circulation.
  • Put templates that support the whole foot and redistribute weight.
  • Leave heels for evening or night, daytime foot swells slowly and submit to more stress.
  • Walk with shorter steps that allow a better balance.
  • Escape and massages the foot with knuckles every three hours. This little cure reflexological do them much good.
  • Heel height changes everyday.
  • If you are using platform, try not to be rigid, is the most damaging.
  • Most women operated by foot injuries (96% of total operations are women compared with 4% of men) returns to wearing heels. And you think you’d be back to do it?