Dead Sea Salts against skin aging

Dead Sea Salts against skin aging Anti aging

For centuries the Dead Sea salts have been used in favor of beauty, it uses from this water body because they are is the one containing the highest levels of natural salt than any other in the world.

Scientific studies found that the Dead Sea salts have beneficial results in the fight against a variety of skin diseases, psoriasis, for example, evolves favorably to the treatment with Dead Sea salts.

Dead Sea Salts against skin aging Anti aging

This is because salts have a regenerative property on the skin, making them suitable to combat aging as well as any skin condition. High levels of magnesium in Dead Sea salts also enhance the barrier function of the skin, reduce inflammation and soothe rough skin.

Dead Sea Salts contain 21 minerals, among which we mention the most important: magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, bromide, sulfate, and water glass.

Note that the sodium content of this water is much lower than that found in Earth’s oceans, sea water has a 97% sodium chloride, but the Dead Sea contain only 12 to 18%, the remainder of the salt composition derived from other natural sources.

The skin aging therapeutic qualities and anti-aging offering Dead Sea salts provide a renewal of the skin throughout the body and necessary to use the products daily to maintain the effect and control over time.

To combat aging with Dead Sea salts there are countless products on the market such as lotions, baths, soaps, oils and salts bath. These items are used individually very effective, but not magic because only if they are complemented by immersion in the Dead Sea benefits are more intense and are much faster of course this is not always possible.

As we told you at the beginning of the note, Dead Sea salts have been around for many, many years and just because of its beneficial qualities so many products are marketed, some reliable and some not.

So whenever you buy cosmetics with Dead Sea salts make sure the company that makes it respectable and known, as well as pay attention to verifiable evidence because satisfied customers are the main way to authenticate a product.