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DKNY in the Fashion Week New York 2013

Donna Karan New York (DKNY) has presented its new collection for autumn-winter 2013 in the Fashion Week in New York, it has the imprint of a sporty-chic American style, very feminine and elite.

The collection of DKNY fall winter 2013 has been without doubt the result of inspiration from the aesthetics of the nineties, the line was full of urban styles with variety of designs ranging from parkas over sized masculine cut blazers and elegant dresses, blouses, skinny pants and maxi dresses.

The surprise element of the collection DKNY for this year is the high-waisted pants combined with a maxi and wide dress. However, note that is a mixture other couturiers also presented on the runways of New York Fashion Week autumn winter 2013.

collection of DKNY fall winter 2013 has been without doubt the result of inspiration

DKNY has created designs this time aimed at women who are not afraid to adopt a different style and enviable, the costumes are strong and imposing picture, but very versatile and wearable. In addition the color collection is a remarkable element because it plays a major role, the palette of colors ranging from earth tones to shades of red, pink and coral achromatic, in short all the popular colors of the new season.

The monochrome trend was avoided, which is seen more in this collection of the designer are the blocks of color and intricate blend of animal prints that give life to these designs are youthful, classic and sport at a time.

Without doubt this collection of DKNY has the potential to create new addicts for signature. I leave you with a complete gallery of the most striking designs DKNY collection for Fashion Week New York 2013.

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