Doubts and responses to dyes, wicks and highlights in the hair

if the mask is nutritious because an extra supply of nutrition is needed, the key is to apply it on dry and dirty hair

Dyes, wicks, highlights… are a whole “world” in the hair. Different tones, techniques, specific care so that they do not lose color… and, around these themes, many false myths and beliefs that do not correspond to reality. Here we are going to address some of the main questions and questions about these hair color products so you know the correct answer.


Reflexes are a very flattering option, in addition to allowing some of the first gray hairs that appear before dyeing or other colorations to be covered. The best option is always to make ones that are natural. But be careful if what you want are coppery reflections. In this case, you have to take into account that they are the tones that most rapidly lose color when the sun sets, as well as when they are exposed to saltpeter or chlorine.

if the mask is nutritious because an extra supply of nutrition is needed, the key is to apply it on dry and dirty hair

If you can not do without this tone, the solution involves resorting to natural reflections and completing the application of color with neutral henna. This has the additional advantage that the hair fiber is rebuilt and hair shine is enhanced.


When making wicks , questions are often similar to those of reflexes, focusing especially doubts whether it is appropriate or not them facing the summer. The question is not answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because everything depends on the color to be used. Obviously, blonde wicks are the most complicated due to the consequences of exposure to chlorine and saltpeter, although they generally affect all dyed hair.

The trick is to make the wicks three lighter shades at most in relation to the natural color of the hair. The result is always more natural and the hair is also more protected because it breaks less and does not dry out so much under sunlight.

Hair products: tricks to get the most out of them

It ‘s not enough to choose a good product for hair to look spectacular hair. Many times, the main problem is the lack of knowledge on how to use it correctly to which is added the fact that the instructions related to the mode of use are quite brief. To avoid this, here we are going to give a series of tips and tricks so that you get the most out of it and that the product you apply really works.

Fixing foam

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have wondered how much fixing foam is needed. In order not to overdo it with your application and the hair is caked, you can follow a trick that manages to make a tail with your hand. The difference that is marked with the fingers is the amount of product that should be used. The less amount of hair or thinner hair, the less the amount of fixing foam.


The time to leave the mask on the hair to act should be indicated on its packaging. But it is very important to remove excess moisture from the hair with the towel before applying it to prevent water from creating as a kind of protective film and making it difficult to penetrate the mask. In addition, if the mask is nutritious because an extra supply of nutrition is needed, the key is to apply it on dry and dirty hair . After letting it act, wash your hair as you usually do.


The serum has become an essential product for hair. These types of products are rich in multinutrients that improve hair quality and help relieve stress. To apply it well, first you have to massage the scalp with the fingertips and without taking them off your head. This way you will be prepared and more receptive to the penetration of the serum and its assets.