Dress Trends 2013: The Return Of Ripped And Torn Jeans

The jeans are basic items throughout cabinet, durable and versatile, so much so that even old ragged jeans become an article fashionista, and this year again with everything. Whether broken or torn buy industrially, or make them from an old couple, the possibilities of using these garments are virtually endless, adding a detail brazen and any style. Sure they are not suitable for all occasions, but adaptable to different looks. In this note we recommend using torn jeans trends according to 2013 and show you how to take advantage of the famous street style.

When we talk about small cuts torn jeans it can refer to spread their anatomy, holes in the knees, tears exaggerated view that leave your legs, or simply thread-worn. However, if you choose to recycle an old pair you must take into account that it is a current model that simply does not look old pants. This trend mainly takes pants now extends to any garment in denim: skirts, jackets, shirts and vests, for example.

How to use torn jeans, here are some ideas to achieve different styles:
When we talk about small cuts torn jeans it can refer to spread their anatomy


This is the main trend, which is monopolizing the street both summer and winter. It is ultimately combine the ripped jeans with stylish clothes and frontline accessories. Shirts, blazers, blouses, covered, all you ever think in general combined with a torn pants, accompanied by elegant footwear like heels or sandals, and bags or handbags lady. The idea is a mixed picture, in which playfulness and freshness broken provides a stylish look.


The ripped jeans are classics in the hippie look, so chic hippie boho or incorporating it smoothly. With over sized sweaters, shirts maxi and boots, for example. Or better still rocking muscular or shirts with drawings phrases. The accessories can not be ignored, and in this case are indispensable: necklaces, earrings and large rings are a must, and to close the look, a fixture in your head, which can be a beret, Borsalino hat or turban.


For this look, the more torn is the better. Serve with rock band shirts, but do not fall into the obvious is better to resort to plain or metallic. Obviously, all leather garments and accessories are just perfect for this style, and dark glasses are a must. From there, it is quite free and that just about showing free will and not come off as mold. For the feet, it is better to appeal to the boots or boots with platforms for glam style, or grunge style shoes.

Total look

The total denim look can be misleading and difficult to make it work, but if you can use it with style have a major victory. The ripped jeans can be a good way just to achieve a total look without becoming monotonous and boring, but eye! Choose one of your clothes to look faded, because if you appeal to all jeans and torn clothing will stay looking just a scarecrow.

Now we leave a gallery to inspire you in celebrities like Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Riahnna to build your own look with ragged jeans.