Eau Océane: the new moisturizer fragrance

The cosmetics company Biotherm has just launched her new moisturizer fragrance for the body. This is Eau Océane, a perfume that besides flavor and revitliza also moisturizes the skin with energy and freshness of the ocean.

Undoubtedly it is a fragrance ideal for use during the days of heat and cooling and the aroma invites you to experience the sensation of walking through the wet sand on a summer morning.

the new moisturizer fragrance Eau Océane

Eau Océane has very fresh notes from flowers, which have been combined with the negative ions generated by ocean waves, ocean getting a perfume that ensures that such beneficial and stimulating feeling is needed today.

The perfume also contains marine bottom water is taken from the natural reserve of pink granite coast of Brittany, a site that is characterized by its richness in minerals manganese, silicon and zinc, plus trace elements calcium, magnesium and potassium as indispensable to the skin.

Eau Océane has top notes of citrus bergamot and lemon combined with aqueous fruit essences, the heart is floral notes of jasmine and Sambac paradisone cascalone with molecules that give the feeling water. Deep Eau Océane has notes of musk, cedar, algae, moss and flowers of sand.

Eau Océane comes in spray and it is recommended throughout the body after bathing or any time of day to get the benefits of its formula and enjoy toning and invigorating effect on the skin.

The perfume comes in 100 ml presentations Eau de Toilette, and is surely the body can not miss you splash in the summer because its aroma sucking you into the most beautiful beaches and energizing the world.