Effective and healthy remedies to repair damaged hair

The hair is like the face. That is, it requires daily care , sometimes for lack of time, not made, but also influenced by other factors such as sun exposure and outdoor swimming, diets too strict, bringing always covered head… It is then when the hair starts to look more punished and damaged. Off it is possible using specific products containing certain assets that are key to quickly rebuild their appearance.

Active chemically damaged hair

In the shops of cosmetics and hair care you can find different products for damaged hair or punished. But you have to look good in their composition because not all assets are included in the shampoo, cream rinse or masks are equally effective. Specifically, there are four that could be defined as the most powerful.

best shampoo for damaged hair

One is the aminosilane , consisting of a silicon complex entering the hair depth and that their properties can restore the cortex and strengthen the capillary structure.

The cationic polymer is one of the most important rebuilders assets for Damaged Hair. Its uniqueness is that it works by creating a protective film on the hair. In addition, when applied, this active ingredient is attracted mainly by the most damaged areas of the hair, which helps regenerate already thought about him as a kind of film that protects and provides softness to the hair.

The ceramide is perhaps the best known. The main advantage of this asset is that it can fill the hair from within. In addition, the latest formulations include higher and more developed of the ceramide concentration, so that gains in efficiency.

And finally, it helps infusion lotus flower . This flower, which is considered sacred in countries like Japan, also acquires this status for hair. And it has very good properties to irrigate and lubricate the hair for its richness in lipids, but without greasing.