The most effective exercises to prevent fluid retention

Practicing some sport or physical activity is essential to stay in shape and get on the scale without fuss. However, depending on the goal you want to achieve, you should practice some exercises or others. Those people who want to sculpt the body and lose volume, have it easy.

The most effective exercises to prevent fluid retention


To achieve the goal of avoiding fluid retention and sculpting the body, you should follow a physical activity chart in which aerobic exercises are one of the keys. In this way, you have to run, walk fast, ride a bike.

Periodicity is important. In general, unless instructed by the trainer according to each person, it is recommended to practice them three to four times a week for at least 30 minutes . Also, if you do not retain fluids, you will also burn calories and improve blood circulation.

Upper section

Apart from aerobic exercise, you have to tone the body. But with two exercises is more than enough, being one for the trunk or area of ??the abdomen and the top and the other for the lower, ie for hips and legs.

For example, to work the entire upper section, the best option is to do push-ups. With them, it is possible to strengthen all the arms, but also the area of ??the abdomen. The most effective are the classic ones. That is, those in which you have to lie on your stomach and raise your body with your arms.

Lower section

And, what can be done for the hip, thigh and leg area? The answer is simple: squats. They are excellent exercises to strengthen the glutes, thighs and legs.

The movement is simple to perform. As a reminder, we say that is to make the move to sit in a chair that is invisible and from which you have to get up and sit again until the knee is at right angles to the thighs and calves. Also, if you can hold that position for a few seconds before making the wiggle movement, much better.