Essential beauty treatments for brides

Every bride wants to look absolutely beautiful on her wedding day, but many women perform a routine skin care and makeup wrong, outdated, or just bad for your skin. In this post I show the treatments beauty essential for every bride, pay close attention!

Be Smart

The skin care should begin it well before the event. This is no time to get to experiment with new products, or one day or one week before the wedding, you could take unnecessary risks.

The emergency makeup kit comes complete with lipstick or gloss, a makeup sponge


Use a formula of salicylic acid (BHA) in case you have oily skin, its antibacterial and anti-redness maintain flawless skin. If necessary, cream counter hydrocortisone 1% may help to minimize granites.


It is essential that you take proper cleansing routine skin (always) and especially before the wedding. When you wake up wash your face with cleansing milk, rinse, then apply the tonic and cream suitable for your skin.

At night removes all make-up remover, apply cleansing milk, rinsed and then applies an antioxidant serum and night cream after.


A few months earlier, applied once or twice a week an appropriate mask for your skin type, and possessing soothing agents such as coconut or calendula, so you get to look much smoother without irritating skin wedding day .


It is important to prevent stains on the skin, especially in the summer. Apply a sunscreen to the face and neck, even when you’re not sunning.

Do facials and skin treatments shortly before the wedding

You never know how your skin can react even done yet other peelings before. The peels must do one month before the ceremony, no less.


If you are going to hire a makeup artist, make an appointment with at least two different to see how they work in the makeup test. This is also a way to get the perfect makeup and make sure your wedding day to be perfect.
Note that the makeup base use the same color as your skin and no differences were seen between the face and neck .

Makeup emergency

Ask a friend to take pressed powder or blotting papers to the wedding, so you can go controlling excess sebum from the skin and make tweaks to the makeup. The powders must have a silky texture with a leather-like finish and apply them with a brush to not use too much product.

The blush is also necessary, must be very subtle matte finish but a little more than what is normally used in the day. As for color, you should experiment with the right tone early, and always try pink or pink tones-plum.

The emergency makeup kit comes complete with lipstick or gloss, a makeup sponge, eyeliner, concealer, swabs and tissue paper.