European Fashion: Fall-Winter 2012 collection

Although half of the world is waiting for the summer, the other half is coming out of the approaching summer and autumn-winter 2012. You should know what has occurred in the autumn-winter 2012.

If we make a tour of major European cities like Milan, London, Vienna Farias and find a glamorous style. You see a lot of skin, lots of suede and satin long with a touch of sensuality to the European style.


European Fashion Fall-Winter 2012 collection


One of the most recognizable brands in Europe TOP SHOP is in fact a favorite brand of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife. TOP SHOP proposed for this fall-winter collection inspired by the androgynous fashion of the 60 men, but this time readjusted for women.


Tailoring is characterized by geometric cuts and guards, Teddy Boy loafers and style jacquard pants. They are also used buttoned shirts and turtleneck sweaters with skirts super tight to the waist. It can also be combined with furs or cloth with a classic cut.


TOP SHOP offers a dynamic style where you play almost bizarre at the boundary that demarcates femininity to masculinity.


On the other hand, Versace presented his autumn-winter 2012 collection at the fashion week in Milan. As usual we have this great designer fashion is her very feminine dresses proposing carved with classic details as well as classic colors black, blue navy and purple.


Versace also introduces a lot of skin and feathers that give life to the garments. Apparently, this autumn-winter skin and the vinyl will be the latest since these materials inspire sensuality and glamor. No animal print or patterns on fabrics. The big players are solid colors combined with leather and shoes at the best classic style.


Another proposed Versace veins for the most daring dresses and sacón are military style. These are dark with brightly colored details as green or orange. It also proposes to return to the boots to strengthen military fashion. Dresses and sacón are short and are characterized by high quality fabrics.

European Fashion Fall-Winter 2012 collection

If you like more androgynous fashion can choose the style of TOP SHOP but if you prefer to highlight your sensuality and classic goes you can choose Versace, although you can choose the military style. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and adapt your style of fashion.