Eyebrow micropigmentation: what you need to know before doing it

Sometimes excessive waxing, stressful situations or some medical treatment can lead to eyebrows becoming blurred, small bald spots appearing or we have problems due to a shortage of hair. However, this problem already has a solution, both for those who need it urgently, and for those lovers of details who simply want to boast of perfect eyebrows. We are talking about micropigmentation, one of the most fashionable techniques.This revolutionary method consists of depositing pigments in the area that you want to repopulate with the help of a single-pointed needle (to design the hairs), or three and five-pointed ( to create density and / or shading).

5 important things you should know about eyebrow micropigmentation


The strokes are applied with fine movements that simulate drawing tiny feathers, and can be done with tattoo guns or through a kind of pencil that will allow the professional to do it freehand. With this technique, the pigment only penetrates the most superficial layers of the skin, offering more natural results.

The micropigmentation is not the same as the tattoo eyebrows. The big difference lies in that the eyebrow tattoo is a straight and continuous line that makes it obvious that the eyebrow is not natural, while the micropigmentation of the eyebrows is done with a ‘pencil’ that penetrates the most superficial layer of your skin by painting hair by hair with smooth movements.

Is it an effective technique? How long does it last?

Its effectiveness and durability is high. For those who are concerned about suffering, it should be said that it is not painful, leading to redness and very little pain afterwards. Of course, you have to think that it is a long-lasting technique, so it is very important to be sure when carrying it out.

Is it safe to do it at any center?

As for the steps to follow, our center will attend you by appointment where they will explain step by step what the technique consists of, as well as what the results are, showing you examples of previous treatments. In the same way, they will indicate the number of necessary sessions, their duration, care and contraindications.

Micropigmentation are generally carried out in separate and specialized cabin and following a protocol, as well as safety and hygiene measures.

It is not permanent

The effect will disappear between 8 and 12 months after having performed the procedure. This is great since fashion changes and your tastes too.

Every change takes time

Don’t make plans that night and prepare to feel a little weird. If you did it with an expert, chances are you have done very well, but consider that it is still a change and you will need time to get used to it.

Post-treatment care

During the first few days you may experience slight swelling and a very thin scab may form. You need to apply the healing cream that the expert will provide, do not expose yourself to the sun or go into the sea or the pool. You should also not apply makeup to the area that has been micropigmented.