Facial treatments without surgery: a technology for each problem

here is to opt for a stronger treatment that produces more collagen and correct sagging

Take years off without marks, without resorting to surgery and last for a long time is increasingly possible by new aesthetic treatment carried out by dermatologists and the latest technologies in medical equipment rejuvenation.

These different types of lasers that serve both men and women and that in a few sessions help with problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, marks, etc..

Resurfacing is the name given to antiaging treatments without resorting to surgery to remove noninvasive years, the smears and skin without surgery and with lasting effects. All this through art medical equipment technology and under the guidance of specialists in the field who will diagnose what is the best solution for each case.

here is to opt for a stronger treatment that produces more collagen and correct sagging

Care and precautions pretreatment

Currently, there are treatments that soon allow rejuvenate the face. The offer is widening and thus to achieve fast and lasting results, it is essential to make a proper diagnosis for every skin type, condition and age, even in cases of patients requiring cosmetic surgery. The professional emphasizes that it is necessary to tighten and improve skin quality, remove restore youth and opacity, before going under the knife, to prevent signs of aging spots and continue there after surgery.

A treatment to every need

Here are the technologies most recognized laser light and modern to sweep the signs of aging skin, restoring freshness, brightness and smoothness that has a youthful and cared for. All of them offered by the company that imports, exports, and provides medical equipment represents international brands, leading technology for Dermatology, Plastic surgery, Phlebology, Urology, Proctology and Cardiology.

Skins with light spots, melasma or dark circles marked:

Here is the latest technology used Harmony XL system, the Q-switched laser. This non-ablative treatment, consisting of a laser beam which fragments the pigment particles much smaller, allowing it to be eliminated naturally. This method is very effective and achieved remarkable results after 4-6 sessions, improving the appearance and color of the skin, and also stimulates collagen production.

To smooth wrinkles, expression lines moderate or improve acne scars

The technology available in the Harmony XL is the Pixel Erbium ablative laser with shorter recovery times. This method produces microscopic holes in the surface of the treated skin, leaving about fractionally without affecting tissue, so that the surrounding healthy tissue to aid rapid recovery (less than one week). These microdots are the starting point for the healing process and the fabric remained intact around these points treaties, which stimulates and accelerates the natural repair process. Thus, damaged skin is replaced by new, healthy skin and radiant regenerates collagen, improves skin tension, and scars.

For deep wrinkles and more severe photodamage

Here is to opt for a stronger treatment that produces more collagen and correct sagging. “The only technique transforming, modifying biologically dermis and removing years of age, aging skin is laser CO2 (carbon dioxide). IPixel technology from Alma Lasers CO2 is a fractional laser, the most powerful on the market (70W), which has a large heat capacity and penetration into the skin and offers a wide range of possibilities with obvious results five to seven days after of treatment performed.

antiaging treatments without resorting to surgery to remove noninvasive years

The procedure involves applying fractional CO2 laser in the treatment areas (face, neck, chest and hands), under topical anesthesia. The laser vaporizes the water in the cells of the skin and forcing the tissue to regenerate. The process continues during the 6 months after treatment, which improves the surface tension of the skin and the patient looks up to 10 years younger, with a natural look. Treatment is usually performed in a single session in which the results are noticed quickly and the effects are lasting and remain even years after treatment.

Within weeks patiently and manage effective and lasting results that do not suffer skin or require recovery. Anything goes if it is slow and aging or damaged skin recover without having to undergo surgery. The technology is on the side of the patient and every problem has a solution if you have leading specialists that will guide the patient about which treatment is most suitable to look better.