Fashion of clothing: Fashion Tips to look thinner

When you want to hide those extra kilos and look great without noting that you must put on a diet, good quality and well-chosen clothes can be your great ally. In this post I share with you some fashion tips that will help you see thin and without noticeable fantastic rolls, tummy or wide hips that you dislike so much. Learn how to wear a contoured silhouette, sensual and feminine.

Knitted Fashion Tips to look thinner

Knitted: Choose fine textured garments knitted mark not conflict zones but to highlight the shape of your body. Highlight the thinnest part of the torso under the bust, with only strategically placed button.
You can choose a V-neck sweater in order to focus attention on this area and you know Spencer hide plump arms or sides.

Pants that stylize Fashion Tips to look thinner

Pants that stylize: You can look slim in seconds with stretch fabric pants, good fabric and adjustable foolproof.

High Waist Skirts Fashion Tips to look thinner

High Waist Skirts: High waist skirts are dynamos of distraction. These seem to refine the size and make the body look more contoured, yes, it have to reach the narrowest part of the rib cage to emphasize curves.

Pants heavy fabrics Fashion Tips to look thinner

Pants heavy fabrics: Use pants made of a heavier fabric like twill gabardine or cotton because they cover the legs of a flattering way.

Classic Jackets Fashion Tips to look thinner

Classic Jackets: Opts for basic jacket and muted discrete designs but has at the front closure.

High waist pants and buttons Fashion Tips to look thinner

High waist pants and buttons: This type of pants they do is refine thighs visually calling attention to the waist. They need to have a straight cut, wide from hip to hem to camouflage problem areas without adding too much bulk.

Outfits Fashion Tips to look thinner

Outfits: The costumes are very elegant on women with extra pounds if the jacket is set to mark the waist and straight pants.

Stylized dress Fashion Tips to look thinner

Stylized dress: For women needing style the upper body better than these dresses with deep necklines empire V. The cut of the dress is made under the bust and focusing attention on the top.