Fashion Sports: The Best Ways to Get Fit

The benefit of afroaerobic is that it also includes aerobic exercises that are performed in Europe, which makes it a perfect activity to lose weight

Practicing sports is one of the best things we can do to keep our body in shape and lead a much healthier life. There are many classic sports, whether team or individual, that can help us achieve that body that we want, but more and more often come another type of innovative and fun activities that offer very good results. Do you want to know what are the fashion sports of this year 2017? We have collected some such sports and start practicing them right away. You will notice the changes in your body quickly and the best part is that you will have a great time practicing them.

The benefit of afroaerobic is that it also includes aerobic exercises that are performed in Europe, which makes it a perfect activity to lose weight

Fashion sports: the Afroaerobic

This new sporting modality has become fashionable this year due to the African rhythms it uses to set up dance choreographies. The benefit of afroaerobic is that it also includes aerobic exercises that are performed in Europe, which makes it a perfect activity to lose weight. All the dances of this sport have a moderate intensity, but they are very constant exercises to thus work cardio. Besides being good for slimming the Afroaerobic also helps to strengthen all the muscles of our body.


If you like to dance, in addition to the Afroaerobic is also being settled a lot in the gyms Zumba. Unlike the previous activity this time we will dance choreographies with Latin music, like salsa or merengue and most of the exercises tend to have a higher intensity, but also combine some more moderate. Zumba is an ideal way to lose weight in a fast and fun way and is also carried out to strengthen the muscles . Zumba is very beneficial for our body because it improves flexibility and balance. In addition, this sports activity raises the self-esteem of those who practice it and all classes are loaded with energy and good humor.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a high intensity workout where you perform strong physical exercises, combined with some moments of relaxation to give respite to our body. Like the other two previous sports, the HIIT is a good companion to remove those extra kilos but above all is the perfect activity if we want to tone our body and strengthen our muscles. In addition to improving our appearance on the outside this intense training also offers benefits for our body, since among other things helps to improve blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

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The TRX is another activity where we will perform very intense exercises. Unlike the HIIT, here all the moves we make will be carried out in suspension. This involves placing your feet at a point of support a few inches from the ground while the rest of the body can touch this surface. It is one of the most popular sporting activities of recent times, since it is a military training created years ago by the US Army. The goal of the TRX is to increase our strength and improve endurance and stability. Likewise, it is also used to have better balance and flexibility.


If the spinning caused a furor a few years ago now has taken over the Elipdoor. This new sport modality is very similar to the one we already know about the bike but in this case the movements we are going to do will be with the help of an elliptical. They are classes guided by monitors where physical exercises are carried out on this device and of course to the son of the music more moved. According to the part of the training in which we find ourselves the rhythms will be more or less intense, but surely the Elipdoor is an ideal activity to lose weight quickly. The Elipdoor plays with the motivation of the participants and besides helping us to lose weight it also tones the buttocks and legs.


Aeroyoga modality is somewhat calmer than the previous ones, since it mixes movements of yoga with those of pilates. The Aeroyoga combines dance exercises with gymnastics, as well as other aerial work where we will practically have much of the body in suspension. This modality is very good for slimming, although its main benefits are the toning of muscles and the improvement of flexibility and body posture. If you are already tired of traditional sports we recommend that you try some of the ideas that we have given you to put you in a different and original way.