AW14 Fashion Trends You Absolutely Must Avoid

Fashion trends are known as some of the most popular looks of the season and are often embraced by celebrities and those on the street scene. From infinity scarves to over the knee boots, there are several styles that create chic looks that are unforgettable. Although there are certain trends to follow from the latest designers, there are also a few looks that should absolutely be avoided.

Skirts Over Pants

The fashion industry must have begun to lose some of their creativity because more models have been seen wearing skirts over their pleated pants on the runway. Although this may make an interesting look for a costume, it’s a definite look to avoid when dressing yourself for the season and wanting people to take you seriously.
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High Turtlenecks

Although turtlenecks are definitely encouraged by the top stylists in the fashion industry, there are some that are too extreme and reach all the way up to the nose. Although it makes quite the impression in magazines or for photo shoots, it looks awkward and unapproachable when in the office or heading out to a party.

Sheer Detail

More women are embracing the sheer detail look, which can look feminine and sexy with holiday dresses or playful skirts. The trend includes a flesh-colored fabric underneath a dark lace material for a classic style that offers a bit of edge. Although it may look gorgeous in small amounts, it can be a bit too much when it covers the whole body and allows the woman to look nude.

Socks and Sandals

Everyone’s worst nightmare has finally hit the fashion scene with the socks and sandals trend that is quickly becoming embraced by fashionista. The style may be a bit grunge and offer added comfort, but it can also look immature and homely for the average man or woman. It’s better to stick to something classy and sophisticated, which includes statement pumps or sky-high stilettos.

When determining your overall style for the season and deciding which trends you want to embrace, there are a few looks that should be avoided even if it means going against the grain. Although the fashion industry is often the expert when it comes to setting the tone for this year’s trends, there are a few times when it’s best to look the other way and beat to your own drum.