Foods that you must avoid in order to eliminate toxins

Many people do a diet to lose more kilos that have been caught with meals. And it’s a good start to cleanse the body, return to normal and continue with the bikini operation. And, although it is usual to start the set-up in the spring, it takes more time to show off a good silhouette in the summer. Since, predictably, a detox diet has been carried out these days , it is convenient to know that there are foods that it is important not to consume or reduce their intake in order to eliminate the toxins and obtain results.

The salt is also on this list of products. Consumed in excess, it favors the retention of liquids

The food

One of the foods that you have to be careful of is sugar. And not only with the teaspoons that you can put in the coffee or in the infusion, but also with all the quantities that are hidden in many food products. Sugar provides many calories and helps to gain weight and, on the contrary, does not provide nutrients to the body.

The processed foods and precooked is never good to take them at least continuously. The reason is none other than its high content of saturated fats , salt and preservatives . All this increases the toxins in the body. It is always better to take fresh food and cook it in a healthy way.

A similar explanation would apply to fried foods , which have a lot of calories and favor that fats are transformed into substances, which are harmful to the body and health, apart from not helping to lose weight and be in shape. The salt is also on this list of products. Consumed in excess, it favors the retention of liquids , besides overloading the activity of the kidneys. As a result, it is difficult for toxins to be eliminated.

And, although caffeine is always said to be good for cellulite, be careful because, if it is consumed excessively, it irritates the body, specifically, the urinary tract and the intestine. This makes it difficult for toxins to escape through the body’s natural pathways.

On more than one occasion, the harmful effects of alcohol for beauty have been discussed . And it is not good for this purpose either. Why? The answer is simple. An overload of the kidneys and liver occurs. Besides, it increases the risk of dehydration. And, finally, there are red meats , which are rich in saturated fats , so they are less healthy for the body. In addition, they usually contain more toxins and are less digestive.