Four false myths of hair removal with a blade

If waxing is done without pressing the dermis, there is any kind of problem

With the arrival of good weather, it does not include tight tights and pants and tends to wear more dresses, skirts and shorts. This requires always to be well depilated . And although there are many methods of hair removal are effective, one of the most commonly still used today is the razor or knife , allowing be ready soon, as well as show off a free leg hair when needed. However, it is a hair removal method that also generates some rejections. Here we tell you four false myths so that you do not have any fear in shaving with the blade.

If waxing is done without pressing the dermis, there is any kind of problem
One of the false beliefs that is more widespread is that depilating with the blade or razor, as it is usually called now, makes the hair grow longer . That’s not true. The amount of hair you have and its color depends on the genetics of each woman.

What happens is that it can give the sensation that more hair is born because, when cut , all are born at the same time. Nor is it true that it is born stronger, but when touching all the ends of the hair, a feeling of greater strength is generated.

Nor is it true that by doing more pressure with the razor is going to rush more hair. It is not like this. Keep in mind that you can only cut the hair that appears and that is out of the skin so it is useless to press more. Even, it could be said that it is counterproductive because what can happen is that the dermis is more irritated.

Damage to the skin

Within the false myths, another one of those that most run from mouth to mouth is that the hair removal with razor harms the skin more than other methods. It does not have to be this way. If waxing is done without pressing the dermis, there is any kind of problem .

In addition, it is not true that shaving every day is harmful to the skin. Rather the opposite because the blade has an exfoliating effect , but always that it passes without pressing and in a smooth and adequate manner. In this way, you can have smoother legs and always be well depilated without there being any trace of hair.

And, what happens if you have brown skin already because of the sun? There is no problem either. The razor does not remove the tan or make the tan go away before . It is even possible to benefit the dermis in this case, since frequent depilation with this method causes the upper layer of the skin that is more flaky to be erased and, therefore, a more uniform brown to appear.

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