Gel Eyeliner, a new alternative to the pencil

There are famous pencils eyeliner in all their types, khol, creamy, dry, liquid, fiber, powder and now also come in this format gel. The idea of novelty is that it fulfills the same function as the others but its new texture allows giving a neat finish, very accurate (because it is applied with a brush) and lightweight.


Most of the eyeliner pencil vanishes within a few hours and the eyeliner fluid is usually somewhat complicated for most women who have no pulse for perfect lines. The gel, however, then becomes strong for its ease of use and durability. In its use with a brush, and your fingers are not as close to the eye to place, you avoid many spots and runs. You can also blend easily.

Gel Eyeliner, a new alternative to the pencil


Application Tips

Most come in small glass bottles with child-handled brush applicator.

It can be used inside and outside the eye. Dithering is always necessary to give a softer style. It is no longer used thin, straight line.

To achieve a smoky effect, we must extend or blur before it dries.

It is preferable, at least initially, a long brush to get away and avoid eye patches.

Its formula is long lasting and even some waterproof (great for inside the eye that is a very moist).

You can achieve more or less intensity depending on the times that Stress the area.

Never forget the open bottle because it dries very quickly

Wash the brush that is used because it is a filling on the end that does not allow accurate after a stroke.

Pay for long because it only takes a small portion to frame the entire eye.


Styles and brands

Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner of Maybelline NY: The liner comes with a brush that is useful to begin experimenting with the product. In colors, ultra black, gray, brown and violet.




Fluidline, Mac: The ultra-soft, gel formula provides the precision of liquid liner with a smooth silky finish. Is long lasting and smudge-proof. It can be applied with MAC 209 brush. It also comes in a range of 6 colors: Rich Ground (brown frosting), Dipdown (deep brown matte), Blitz and Glitz (Intense black with gold highlights), Waveline (light blue with golden sheen), Blacktrack (black black) and Microviolet is an intense violet with red reflections.




Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, gives an appearance of liquid liner with the ease of application of the gel. Is long lasting, water resistant, glides to apply and does not dry.




Double Wear Estee Lauder: Formula-length gel, as precise as a liquid liner. Silky smooth color that lasts all day, up to 12 hours. Always creates a precise line with smooth satin finish.

With brush included, is dermatologically tested and has no fragrance. In three colors: Brown, black and blue-gray.



The gel liner is ideal for practicing various forms of delineated. The formula is easy to handle and allows us to experience more easily than liquid eyeliner. Be sure to check its effectiveness and try different styles.