Givenchy boots and shoes collection 2011-2012

Givenchy, one of the most exclusive brands in international fashion design and architect of the world’s most desirable female, presented its latest collection of boots and shoes that set the trend in the universe Glam. Here we show the latest models.

Givenchy boots and shoes collection 2010-2011

The stilettos detail is used by the firm. They come botinetas boots with heels well pronounced platform and towering. The detail materials are more seductive of the season for the exquisite variety of textures: black velvet, patent leather, fur and fabric.

The tips come with a medium finish, just rounded. The cords are well pronounced and cross the front edge simplicity and look at closing. The predominant colors: black, red and gray. Each piece has a distinctive detail: fixtures covered buttons, zippers, etc.. are also very applicable kilometric boots above the knee.


Givenchy boots and shoes collection 2010-2011
Excellent piece, full of glam and femininity, the latest signature shoes are very avant-garde details that elevate all women. Highlights: the shoes are being cordoned off much resembling the botinetas.

They have a very exclusive and refined, closed heels and split ends with strips of sandal, designs truly seductive; combined textures, leather and patent leather and feather appliqués. One of the latest designs, presents a sublime depth and ultra-feminine with exquisite work by printing and hand-embroidered leather appliques. It is truly a delight, the object of female desire for excellence.