Golden Jungle, new Dior makeup for fall

Dior offers us a great fall look, the fashion firm has created for the season of the year line ocher Golden Jungle which is composed by a fabulous cocktail of colors created to get a very sensual and seductive image.
Golden Jungle
It really is one of the most attractive of the season. It’s a wild, wild makeup that focuses on the exotic colors of nature to exalt the beauty of women.

Golden Jungle, new Dior makeup for fall

Dior Gold Jungle has other matt tones with a slight gloss finish, the colors match perfectly with the trends of the new season, stand out and attract a lot of attention. The line has all the tools to beautify the face, from eye shadow to lipstick and nail polish.
But let’s see in detail each of the components of Dior Golden Jungle…

There are 5 Couleurs palettes makeup shades in earth tones each, with soft shades of gloss and matte tones other mix and match allowing colors to create different looks.

  • Khaki pallets: shadows in shades of khaki, gold, brown, beige and champagne.
  • Savannah Gold: shadows in shades of brown and gold.

Shadow Trio
This palette of three shades of shadow of God has nude colors and timeless black pigment infused with touches of brilliance that illuminate the eyes, creating a glowing, youthful appearance.
This palette allows perfectly sculpted eyes but always maintaining a high dose of naturalness. It comes in two versions: Ivory Glow and Nude Glow.
Gold Jungle  Dior palette
Gold Jungle  Dior palette
A trio of animal print-inspired shades to create a warm look, it comes with a lip gloss that lets have a look irresistible. There are three versions:

  • Golden Brown with golden beige, caramel and dark brown, plus a bright coppery pink lips.
  • Khaki Gold: gold with beige, olive green and khaki plus lip gloss pink.
  • Blush

This Dior blush gives cheeks the perfect color, with a finish that is pure and natural idea for the day and night. Two colors are the pink tone Sunkissed Cinnamon and Sugar Spice nude in wild pink with gold pearl.

The Golden Jungle Dior lipsticks

There are 4 fabulous lipsticks in the collection, ranging from copper brown with gold sparkles, brown to pink, a vibrant red and burgundy.

Dior Nail Enamels Le Vernis

These nail polishes allow impeccable style that can be worn in one color or cracking. The options are

  • Amazon: Khaki-Tone
  • Bengal: brown
  • Dior Vernis Jungle Golden Duo: khaki gold color to mimic with a crocodile leather.