Guide To Gothic Fashion And Gothic Dress

gothic girls make extensive use of lipstick purple or black

Gothic style is much more than just a look. It is a way of life, a philosophy at 360 degree. Gothic means love for romantic and Victorian era, along with a great love of nature, conceived as animated force, gloomy and eerie atmosphere, typical of Gothic and horror stories (his romantic age) season.

This substrate also sustains the aesthetic rather details which until a few years ago were niche (as well as the entire gothic culture), but now, thanks to the development of the internet and the media, become very famous. Here you will find a guide to gothic fashion, to draw some inspiration or just to satisfy your curiosity!

gothic girls make extensive use of lipstick purple or black

As for women, there is plenty of options to choose from:

  • Very long and large, fluffy blouses, bodices, lace details and leather gloves and boots or amphibians are just some of the categories to choose from.
  • The predominant color is black, usually approached to red, blue or green, for enhanced.
  • The jewels are usually very showy, vaguely Baroque taste.
  • Use rose and crosses. As for the make up, the so-called gothic girls make extensive use of lipstick purple or black, or dark red; so much eyeliner and dark eye-shadow colors.

Even for males there is a decent selection of gothic dress:

  • The male “gothic” is usually refined and stylishly dressed in dark and with similar taste in fashion.
  • It is not uncommon to see men rigged or with enamel nails.
  • Finding these items is often difficult, even for the cost, and many people choose to package them autonomously. However not all hold these extraordinary creative skills and fortunately in recent years have increased both the physical stores that “virtual” ones.
  • One of the most famous is EMP, which offers a wide range not only of gothic clothing, suitable for all budgets: the price ranges are numerous, and you find some gem everywhere.

Most sites supplied are those of other countries, which are among other things even cheaper. It is possible to find some accessories (such as studded bracelets) in various niche markets not necessarily.