GuidLines On Applying Foundation To Look Sexy

Every woman aspires to be always beautiful and cared for. Sometimes, though, a bad application of good makeup can do damage rather than making you look natural. The product that’s used most often is the foundation that allows you to have a smooth complexion giving the feeling of not even be rigged. The error which often stumbles, however, is not a perfect application of foundation. This guide will show you what are the best ways to spread it out over your face. The techniques of application vary depending on the foundation that you use. In the market there are all types that meet all needs: liquid, compact, mineral, each suitable for a different type of skin.

The first technique involves the use of the sponge, used primarily for the foundation liquid or compact

The first technique involves the use of the sponge, used primarily for the foundation liquid or compact. At specific stores to make up there are of all shapes and prices. With our sponge a bit of product and pass the application starting from the chin and forehead, making sure to spread the product well, especially in the lateral areas to the face that tend to be neglected, creating horrible mask effect.

The second method is the one most used, hands. Thanks to body heat, the foundation, which is liquid or compressed, it tends to melt making the application more smoothly and easily. Put a small amount of foundation on the tip of your fingers, then supply if it proves too little. Tap out the face from the forehead to the chin. Spread carefully on the foundation all over the face. In this case, it is advisable to pay attention to roll out the product perfectly to avoid leaving fingerprints on the skin of the face. Do not forget your neck.

The last method, used by more experienced, is to brush. With this technique you can apply a little all types of foundation but is primarily used for the mineral (powder for instance).

There are different types of brush for different types of foundation. Apply a small amount of product, by dipping the brush into the jar. Then shake slightly to eliminate the foundation in excess. Apply, with rotating movements, starting from the central area of the face, moving towards the side. Take care to spread it evenly over the face and neck.