Habits that can make your metabolism slower

To lose weight, the metabolism has to work properly and be always active. When this fails, the body accumulates more fat than you need rather than burn it. Nor should we forget that over the years the metabolism becomes slower, which is why it is very important to banish habits that tend to increase this process.

In this post I show you what are the habits that we often make and tend to slow down your metabolism.

things slowing down your metabolism

Skipping meals

Not eating at least three times per day slows the metabolism, especially if the food is skip breakfast.
When something is eaten before last an hour after awakening, the body is given a great deal of energy to work all day and thus activates the metabolism.

Restricting calories

The exaggerate restrictions is also unfavourable. Eating less than 1200 calories per day can make enlentezca metabolism because the body takes this as a time of famine and accumulates fat to remain stable when “there is no more food.”
Liquid detox diets also undermine the metabolic activity and is very harmful when losing weight.

Completely eliminate carbohydrates

While limiting carbohydrate intake is key to weight loss, doing so in excess is harmful.
The key is to focus on the right kind of carbohydrates and eat a small portion at each meal. Brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and quinoa are some good choices.

Having lack of important nutrients

Starving yourself to lose weight can also be counterproductive because the body needs certain vitamins and minerals to burn calories and maintain muscle tissue.
Iron, calcium and vitamin D are some of the most important, and if the body experiences a deficiency, metabolism can reduce its activity.

Pesticide poisoning

To preserve health must avoid eating foods that have been contaminated with pesticides, and this also applies when it comes to losing weight.
Pesticides have an impact on the metabolic rate, so it is advisable to consume organic vegetable gardens. In case this is not possible, the alternative is to dip the fruits and vegetables in water with vinegar for a few minutes and rinse well.

Exercising inappropriately

Even eating properly, making mistakes in physical activity also cause the metabolism becomes slower.
In order to lose weight you have to do strength training and high intensity interval, it preserves muscle mass and increases the metabolic rate.


The body is unable to burn calories when you are dehydrated. When thirsty, there is already a beginning of dehydration, so do not expect to suffer.

Abusing zero-calorie drinks

By not having more sugar, they can raise insulin levels and thus make the metabolism work more slowly.

Sitting for long

The sitting for a long time that the muscles are always relaxed. If the job involves this, a good technique is to stand whenever possible and stretch the joints. This prevents the metabolism becomes slower.

Banish coffee

The black coffee helps to lose weight, and also green tea. They can consume until it is too much and always without milk or sugar.