Hair transplant Procedures, Cost and Reviews

Although always relates alopecia with men, the fact is that also affects women. The causes can be diverse: from a serious stress to hormonal, genetic factors, poor nutrition. These are cases where you can opt for a hair transplant. A technique that can get very natural results.

The treatment and hair transplant reviews

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As others have already failed methods and treatments to prevent hair loss and to have it back again a populated hair, are other solutions so do not despair.

The alternative is hair transplant, although in this case is only indicated for women suffering from androgenic alopecia . Techniques have advanced a lot since the system was launched, improving both the process and the result.

In fact, the robotic technology can do hair transplants that are not aggressive and do not leave scars, at least visible. The result is much better since an effect is achieved more natural . Another point in its favor is that it is a definitive solution.

Among other advantages also they stress that the system is much faster because the follicular units are selected with the greatest number of hairs to remove them automatically with great precision and then implement them, and the fact that fewer incisions are required.

And how the process is done? Very simple. Only they carried out three steps . The first focuses on the location of the follicular units to remove the follicle. Second, the incisions to proceed to the implementation are made, ending the process by implementing the follicle, which in this case is not the robot but so manually . And you’re transplants done.