Hairbrushes, the best type for each style

the most desirable because they generate static and frizz

Something as basic as daily use is the brush to comb your specifications and also has applications for every need. Many women do not know the difference between them, let alone if they are really using the right one for your type of hair and hairstyle they want to do. These lines offer a comprehensive exhibition on all types of brushes are the best and worst hair and what its proper use.

If I use special shampoo, conditioners, protective masks and serums repairers to care for our hair and make it look more beautiful, why not do the same with the comb or brush that we will use to untangle or mold? Although apparently they all look very similar, are totally deferential in its composition, shape and material they are made. Each is for different things.
the natural fat from the skin is transmitted from scalp to ends

All experts agree that a good part of hair care are using good brushes. And here is where the dilemma of which to choose because there are round, flat, synthetic or natural bristles, guys, large, metal, etc begins. Not only are mere objects to detangle hair and control, are also very important for a healthy scalp , and brush strokes that stimulate blood circulation, helping to renew nutrients in the root and the elimination of dead cells .

Also thanks to the use of brush, the natural fat from the skin is transmitted from scalp to ends. This protective layer of fat to harmful foreign agents not much damage occurs.

Types brush, utilities and qualities
Noxious brush bristles are those which, viewed under the microscope, are like small blades (is given by its cut) that what they do is threaten the capillary structure rather than care for her. And in general, plastics are usually of very poor quality. There are two types of bristles:

Natural brushes
Without doubt the best, work with all hair types as they have the same surface structure as the hair close to the scalp and thus have a better “grip” on the hair. Its use is recommended to smooth the roots or get a dapper look as leave no frizz or flyaways. The most common are made of boar bristles, which avera very soft hair and be passed from the top down, without tugging. They are best for short hair.

the most desirable because they generate static and frizz

Synthetic bristle
They’re made of synthetic materials (usually plastic) and because of that have a lower cost. They are the most desirable because they generate static and frizz, plus it does not transmit heat well in drying and long delay.

Are only good the plastic bristle very good quality, ideal for brushing long hair.

A brush for every hairstyle
When it comes to hairstyles and especially if you are after washing, it is advisable to follow other criteria when choosing a suitable brush. Then depends on what type of hair one has and if what you want is to give more volume or ondularlo.

Used to unravel: Detangler are also called, have many bristles and in different sizes and appearance hedgehog. They are made of soft plastic and are perfect for gentle detangling hair, preventing breakage points. It is the best option for very thick hair and large tangles.

Paddle Brush: with plastic bristles all the same length that cause less friction on the hair are the best choice for all women who have long and strong hair. They are also suitable for use with hair but not for molding.

Round Brushes: are indicated for hair styling and make waves or curls. Dan natural volume and work very well with the dryer. Some are small or large, depending on different painado or movement that he wants to give the hair. If you are much better natural bristles because they provide a better hair loss than plastic and give it more shine.

Without doubt the best, work with all hair types as they have the same surface structure

Brush skeleton: is having wide apart give in to each other. Ideal for curly hair that unravels and slips well when there is a lot of hair but not make them frizzy, wavy rather accompanies its natural movement.

Brush composition

There are also brushes metallic or heat, which is only used to comb wet hair to be long. They are specially designed for use with the hair for a natural straight. There is also a type of brush that lets air through holes in its structure that serves to use with hair but provides neither brightness or volume.

Those that are made of plastic generate static electricity in the hair and not as good for them as brushing hair. But are suitable if the tips are rounded and will not harm the hair fiber. There are some more exclusive or pasta made from hawksbill shell undoubtedly the finest in the market.

Noxious brush bristles are those which, viewed under the microscope

The most important thing we must consider when choosing is to not break the hair and do not hurt the scalp. In addition to materials, also think that hair has.

Another thing to know is that the finer the hair density should be higher in sows is thick and must be separated, you can even use comb in place. For this and many other details discussed above, the brush is not a tool that we have random, but must be recoating what is the best for hair care.