2020 Hairstyle: The haircut that makes you look so much younger

One of the tricks to look younger is hair that does not have the same effect one haircut another. And, although everything depends on the characteristics of each one and the state of the scalp, the truth is that there is a hairstyle that is always the most flattering and that allows you to look more youthful. Which? Here we give you the keys so you know how you have to cut it and have a much more jovial look.

The best option is a hair with long midi , ie it has to be at the height of the shoulder

The best option is a hair with long midi , i.e. it has to be at the height of the shoulder. The truth is that it is quite flattering and easy to wear with any style and makeup.

Inside this midi mane, there are some peculiarities because this haircut accepts some changes. For example, in those cases where you opt for a smooth bob and it is slightly more raised in the nape area , it is necessary to give the hair natural movement. This is achieved with a few layers , but neither should they be excessively short or abundant.

Moreover, people who opt for this type of hair, but have wavy hair or features of the face are sharp, they will get a better effect if you opt for the shaggy style or tousled. In addition, it also feels good to show paraded strands.

If you have a square face , you should avoid wearing the French hair version because it frames the face even more and hardens the facial features. That is, wearing it very short at the nape of the neck and at the level of the jaw in front is not the most flattering in these cases.

And there are even more keys to show off this hairstyle. When the midi mane is smooth , it always brings a touch of elegance and sophistication , while the curls or waves give a more informal look.


This hairstyle can also be worn with or without a line. The most youthful alternative is the bangs that partially cover the forehead. Another alternative is the parting in the middle , being necessary in this case to clear the mane from the face. And a youthful and sexy touch is achieved by putting the hair behind the ear.