Haircuts for girls: Guide for an amazing look!

The princesses of the house do not escape when it comes to fashion and every day they choose hairstyles and haircuts to express their personality and highlight their attributes. That’s why I could not miss this guide with the 2019 trends of haircuts for girls in which you will find a variety of hairstyles that you can choose with your little one that are trend but also practical for the day to day.

This guide contains the best styles in haircuts for girls with short, curly hair, in layers and many more. In addition we leave you a small section step by step on how to cut the fringe of your girl yourself, which is super practical because you can do it at home either to renew the look of your princess or to fix a bit the already have something as simple as a bang cut.

Guide to haircuts for girls

If you are looking for a particular haircut, here you can see the different options according to the length, age or hair type of your girl:

According to the length: Short Hair – Medium Hair – Long Hair
By type: Straight Hair – Wavy Hair – Curly – Bob – Layered Cut
According to age: for Babies – 2 to 5 years – 6 to 10 years – 11 to 14 years

Before selecting which of these haircuts for girls is the one that best suits your little princess, you should take into account the shape of her face.

If your face is elongated choose cuts that include bangs.
If it’s square, the bob cuts would come in handy.
And so play with the cut that you think looks best for her.

To choose the haircut that best suits your girl you should be attentive to their attributes and features, as some cuts and hairstyles favor certain faces more than others.

Haircuts for girls

Haircuts for funny and bold girls
Haircuts for girls according to the length

The desired hair length is decisive to choose that haircut that you like or that your baby wants. All the lengths are super trendy in haircuts for girls. It can be a pixie for the smaller ones, a long medium for the girls between 3 and 6 years old and a nice length for those who are already reaching a pre-adolescent age.

Let’s look at the different options of haircuts for girls according to hair length

Haircuts for girls with short hair

Either during the first years of life due to the slow growth of the hair or when they are already big by a comfort issue the short hair looks very nice for the princess of the house. These haircuts for girls of the short type are the rage when fashion is concerned. They are easy to carry and very practical when combing.

You can put a nice bow or any accessory and your little one will look beautiful.

Short haircuts are easy, practical and fast and allow us to save a lot of time

This haircuts for girls with short hair is low to the sides and longer on the sides. And also is ideal for girls with straight hair because it gives a better fall to the face.

The against opting for a short hair implies that we will not be able to play a lot with the hair, and rather we will have to opt for accessories such as brooches, bows or ribbons
The short hair is ideal to fill them with beautiful bows or ribbons of colors that enhance even more the natural beauty of your daughter.

Ideal for a very Parisian and feminist look

Add an accessory to add that beautiful touch to your look
The cuts of short hair for girls return to be trend thanks to feminism

Haircuts for girls with short hair are ideal if your girl has a pretty face because these cuts make them more adorable, but also short cuts are perfect for moms who want to lose a lot of preparation time every day and allow us to save a lot of time.

Haircuts for girls with medium hair

The long medium hair is fabulous because it allows us to make beautiful hairstyles to our girls that include braids and pigtails.

Haircuts for girls with this length are very popular for girls who are between 4 and 7 years old. Already your hair at this age has grown enough to reach the long and you just have to take it to the stylist to give it a nice shape. This haircut of a medium length was made asymmetrically