Hairstyles with braids for weddings

One of the best hairstyles in a wedding is easy hairstyles made with braids, they are a really wonderful possibility to get to feel like a princess at our wedding. So if you want to bet on a nice hairstyle, this is a very good option to carry out. Today we are going to talk about the different types of braids that exist to choose the one that best fits the idea you had thought:

Chic wedding hairstyles with braids for long hair

Conventional braid: that is, the braid of a lifetime. It is a braid where the tufts should be divided into three identical strands. It is very simple to do, so it is the most ideal option if you have little time to carry it out.

Spike Braid: The spike braid, as the name implies, is one that makes the braid look like a spike. It is tight and is made by making a movement with the strands different from the usual. It’s simple but the effect is really charming.

Root Braid: The root braid is one that is achieved by combing the hair from the top of the whole, from the root we go. These braids follow the shape of the head and then allow you to continue braiding the hair beyond it.

Braid waterfall: the braid waterfall is actually a semi-manager that what it achieves is that the hair cascade through a braid that goes from side to side, the result is very sophisticated, so it is a wonderful idea to comb your hair in the form of braid.

Tilted braids: the tilted braids are those that pull the hair to the side and are collected like this, can use the technique of root or conventional. The root will remain more picky, while the traditional lined braid, will be looser.