Helly Hansen Autumn-Winter 2013 Collection

The most advanced technology of the three layers, a variety of products for extreme sports, accessories, special line for children and a variety of designs and colors is part of what the Norwegian brand Helly Hansen presents in its new collection, which is already available in all stores.

Like every year, Helly Hansen remains the technology of three layers (3-Leyer System) introduced by them in the ’70s, which is characterized by the use of three special products to keep dry, warm and comfortable to who undergo extreme sports. Therefore, in this new collection of clothes follow the same line, but improving its products.

Within the first layer are three types:

ONE (supports between -10 ° to 30 °) ideal for outdoor sports like jogging or biking, and can be used in every environment.

DRY (can withstand -15 ° to 15 °) made for those who practice high intensity sport, where its main function is kept dry.

WARM (supports between -5 ° to -30 °) designed for extreme weather conditions. All these products come with LIFA technology, exclusive of Helly Hansen, which retains 40% more moisture, is 50% lighter and unlike polyester, no irritation.

As a new product, the “Swift Jacket”, a jacket designed with models for men and women, especially those who do not want to stop in winter sports and subjected to extreme weather conditions such as snow and freezing temperatures. Lightweight and comfortable, designed with two layers, which means it increases the ventilation system and prevents any moisture and perspiration in the body, making it the ideal product for the winter. Along with this, the soft fleece in different colors and the first layer shirts that keep heat and moisture away, remain basic.

New RECCO technology is also applied in special products for snow sports, such as jackets and pants. This is a kind of locator, installed on the garments, which allows you to place athletes in extreme situations such as avalanches or heavy snowfall.

Point complete line apart is the “Kid – Junior” to dress children with products that feature Helly Tech ® Professional technology, Helly Tech ® Performance and Helly Tech ® Protection, the same as adults. These products, ranging from size 0 through 12, complement so they can withstand up to -30 ° C. Furthermore, Helly Hansen has collars and socks that complement the winter look.