Hollywood Celebs without surgery: the difficult commitment to the natural

If they are not famous, nor do they have to be exposed to cameras, fans, gossip programs, rankings of beauty, and others, they do not accept impunity time pass over us, watching the skin, hair, doing gymnastics and diets naturists, not hard to imagine how difficult it can be for actresses of Hollywood, who chose to make their image the center of their activities, refrain from Empire of the scalpel, stretches, botox, lipo and silicone.


Hollywood Celebs without surgery: the difficult commitment to the natural


Of course, there is Photoshop, but after a certain age, the nature of the body resists being faked. The truth is not easy to find actresses in Hollywood who has not spent any time under the knife.


Sarah Jessica Parker, an icon of the natural

It is she who first comes to mind. The actress has given an example to all women in the Western world that can not only accept the passage of time, but to consider old age as a sign of inner maturity, wisdom and personal beauty. Her dignity and safety that accepts as natural and human as wrinkles, Sarah makes an admirable woman. Beyond ideology, she always shows sexy, seductive, with a defined style.


It seems that Hollywood actresses find it difficult to stop horrors play the role of young twenties. The Parker, however, will always be hired for the role of women safe and self-possessed, either 40, 50 or 65 years. As stated by this talented actress, aging is inevitable and delightful as “those flowers that fade in sequential shooting movies.”




Penelope Cruz, an ideal of beauty itself

Perhaps the more famous stars are beautiful, more work them hard to accept the loss of freshness and smoothness. However, Penelope, Almodóvar muse, formerly of Tom Cruise, Javier Bardem current partner, refuses to disfigure her face with plastic surgery. For her, is far more important to age with dignity, and always compare their ideal life with his idol, Italian Sophia Loren.


Penelope Cruz says who will listen that does not fear or gray hair or wrinkles, that “age does not cause any fear, and there is much joy ahead.” His ideal of beauty is that of their grandmothers, where each row has a unique and valuable experience.


More celebrities who enjoy the natural beauty

So, looking for other actresses are leaving to spend time and smile without fear of the lines, deepening, draw their beautiful faces:

  • Cate Blanchett
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Jodie Foster
  • Meryl Streep
  • Emma Thompson
  • Kate Winslet
  • Rachel Weisz
  • Salma Hayek

This is obviously a lot of character actresses, that while care, do not want to freeze your face at a time or age, but as professionals seek to be valued for their talent. As we see, cosmetic refrain from imposing mandates the market is not impossible, and when achieved, the satisfaction is much larger-than-real and the illusion of eternal youth.