How do you choose a perfume?

Christmas is coming and a good gift is without doubt a fragrance, a nice perfume. Choosing a good perfume is not always easy because a lot of variety and, in addition, each year launching new products. But with a few tips you can choose the one that best suits you so you give it away or you can use it for yourself because you deserve it, right?

Advice to choose a perfume for a woman

When choosing the perfume, there are several factors that must be addressed. First, we must be clear that each colony smells so different in each person, as the smell varies with the pH of the skin. Thus, it is always advisable to try before you buy.

Perfume is almost essential to a woman's beauty routine

To do well the test , you have to apply a little about the area in which the usually-not going to apply must carry none since earlier- or if you can not, use the typical pieces of paper that leave you in perfumeries. Once the application must pass some minutes to see how it evolves, not being good to stay with the first impression. It is important to see what the end of that perfume and how are the final notes are going to be him in person.

Regarding skin must also take into account its kind. Normal skin, as always, are often the most disadvantaged because they can use any perfume. However, if you tend to have it dry or very dry fresh aromas are better because more enduring, but should be applied several times a day to get hold perfume aroma. In oily skin , they are more suitable because they are more intense last longer, need not be applied lots of it. The pink, amber, musk and civet are ideal.

Also keep in mind the time that it will use. For example, facing the winter or autumn it is always better more intense perfume, while in summer tend to be more appropriate which are fresh or fruity notes. For the night, choose a perfume with the floral and oriental fragrance.