How to choose clothes: Essential Dresses For Girls’ Wardrobe

The next time you go shopping for branded clothes online, don’t forget the essential clothes for the girls’ wardrobe. The little ones need to dress comfortably because they tend to be very active. But, they also like to go in style when they go for a walk or have an invitation.

Casual clothes for girls: the basics of everyday life

As the girls grow they develop their own style and decide what to wear on each occasion. Many times challenging the tastes of their parents. Giving them a little independence and letting them choose clothes allows them to express their personality through clothes.

That is, perhaps, one of the biggest problems parents have when shopping. When they are small they choose to their own taste, but when they are older they will not accept any garment.

The other drawback also has to do with development. Girls grow very fast and clothes don’t last as long as you expected. Buying bigger size clothes is not an option because they won’t fit well and they won’t feel comfortable either.

The type of dresses and designs varies depending on the age of the girl. In every wardrobe there should be at least one party dress

Girls are flirtatious and like to look good wherever they go. Having basic garments to combine will help them achieve their own style. At the same time it will help parents not to have to renew the closet so often.

With this information we want to help you buy basic clothes for girls. We will start with the casual looks, those that you will wear on a day-to-day basis and that will help you to go to classes, to a walk or a game appointment.

Casual dresses and skirts

If there are clothes that symbolize femininity, these are skirts and dresses. The casual dresses are informal, they serve to bring them on several occasions and girls should have at the least one in the closet.

With a dress they can go out with their friends, a study date, games or go out to eat with the family. Although to go to play the park is not the most appropriate because it can bother them. However, you can avoid problems if you wear leggings or pantyhose underneath.

Skirts are another basic. There are girls who do not like dresses and prefer skirts. These also allow them to move more easily. They can also be combined with pantyhose or leggings that will help keep you warm in the cold months.

Jeans: minimalist wardrobe women

Speaking of basic clothes for your daughter, jeans cannot be missing in her closet. They can be used for any occasion, for casual outings and even for parties if combined with a suitable blouse and accessories.

There are girls who prefer denim comfort rather than having to wear a dress or skirt. It is advisable to have more than one pair to be able to assemble different looks.

Basic Shirts

For hot and cold days girls will need basic shirts . They will use them all the time and, thanks to the diversity of models in the market you will find one for your daughter’s style.

There are unicolors, with prints of all kinds, with applications such as sequins. For summer days the most recommended are those that do not have sleeves, while for the cold the long sleeves will protect them from low temperatures.

Caps and hats are the perfect complement to any look. There are for all tastes and occasions and stylish girls will love having more than one

T-shirts with stripes and unicolors are easier to combine with the rest of the clothes. Especially if you have to dress in layers. For this year the glitters will be very fashionable, so do not hesitate to include any with sequins for your little one.

Jackets and jerseys

Both garments are indispensable for girls’ outings. Even in summer, when night falls and the temperature drops, it will help protect you. Denim jackets are very popular among small and easy to combine. Also the leather ones, but in this case they are reserved for autumn and winter.

There are also a variety of jerseys, for everyone’s taste. Some classics and others with more modern and fun styles. Choose between thicker or thinner fabrics, depending on the season for which you are buying it.

In this case, buying solid colored sweaters will also make them easier to combine with other garments.

Comfortable leggings and pants

Leggings are one of the basic women’s wardrobe , not just girls. These are ideal for game days as it is easier to move with them than with a cowboy or a skirt.

For the parties you can also get a great look by combining them with appropriate clothes. They can be worn with any type of shoes: sports shoes, ballerinas, sandals or boots. A comfortable t-shirt and a hat of the girl’s favorite style will look great.

In addition to leggings, there are more comfortable pants, with sporty style, ideal for game evenings. They are informal, but if you want your daughter to have a sporty look they are the best alternative. Combine them with a t-shirt or sweater and sneakers.

Boots and sneakers

In addition to flirtatious, girls are also very active. They will be playing and running all the time. So the best thing for them is to buy sneakers. Taking advantage that there are very different styles and models that can be combined with your casual clothes.

Another option is boots. They have to be very comfortable to adapt to their level of activity.

Clothing for elegant parties

You just saw the clothes your daughter should have for day to day. But the basic wardrobe for girls also includes party clothes.

Fancy dresses

The type of dresses and designs varies depending on the age of the girl. In every wardrobe there should be at least one party dress that you can wear for formal occasions. The most frequent are weddings and Christmas parties, but there are many other events where they demand to be elegant.

Also includes a dress for a cocktail party. In other words, more elegant than a casual one, but not as bright as a formal one.

Party shoes

In the case of girls, the theme of shoes can be a little more flexible than in adults for parties. This is due to what we mentioned before about games. However, for a formal occasion they must be consistent with the celebration.

Boots are a great option because they can also be used on other occasions. The dancers are also an alternative, especially the models that come with some kind of shine.

The main recommendations for party shoes for girls are that they are anti-slip. In addition, they should be the size of the child to avoid trips and falls during the celebration. And, if you carry a wallet, match the shoes.

Accessories and complements

No look is complete without the right accessories and accessories. This is one of the favorite parts of the girls, to be able to choose with what they will accompany their outfit of the day.


Caps and hats are the perfect complement to any look. There are for all tastes and occasions and stylish girls will love having more than one.

They can learn to combine hats to wear at a causal outing or at an outdoor party.

Ribbons and hair ties

There are occasions when wearing a hat is not the most appropriate, but you can always decorate your hair with ribbons and bows. They are one of the favorite accessories for small and some have many models to combine with any clothing.


Having a bag will allow them to have everything stored and in order wherever they go. There they can store their belongings so as not to lose them or to be confused with those of their friends.

This accessory is especially for larger ones. So they will keep track of the time, but they will also use it to complement their outfit.


The reason why girls like jewelry so much is because it makes them feel older. The most common are necklaces, bracelets and tendrils . They may have some game that matches the party dresses in their closet and other more causal ones.

It is important that the jewelry you have is for girls, as with the rest of the clothes.


Do not forget to buy a sunglasses for your daughter. You probably spend a lot of time in the sun playing and sharing with friends. The glasses will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Buy glasses that have real protection and not that are toy.

Scarves and scarves

They are two essential complements especially during winter. Although for spring and summer they can opt for lightweight cloth scarves that are not so hot.¬†Let your daughter live her stage as it should be and buy these essential clothes for the girls’ wardrobe. And if you have babies, don’t forget to check what clothes a newborn needs.