How to Choose clothes for the first date

Choose clothes for the first date

When you finally have the opportunity to go and get to know a person that interests you, choosing what to wear on a first date is not a minor issue.

Is that clothing is a way to communicate how you are, and as there are many issues surrounding body language, what you wear is part of the same message.

The clothes you wear is what will make a first impression, so share some tips for choosing what to wear that day.

Choose clothes for the first date

The first thing is to think ahead of the outfit to be used that day, because in general it is common to be anxious, lest too see that feeling exacerbated by the panic of the hour is coming and have not decided what to wear eventually.

In that sense, there are two key factors that will help you solve it. The first is the type of appointment, is not the same one meeting in a park day, drink coffee, share a few drinks at a bar or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. That will help narrow the search for perfect outfit for your date.

The second thing is to respect you yourself and be authentic, do not go too serious and formal if not resources, or something provocative dress if you will not be co fashion or with a high heels if you always wear shoes. As in other factors related to the first appointment, fascia which is not, never is.

As the night is important to prioritize comfort, not a good day to release a set too avant-garde. Instead, choose neutral colors and a classic look, but to give added accessories modern fashion. Nor is it a good day to be too flashy. The ideal is to find a balance between classic and modern, since neither is a matter of you look too conservative and boring.

It is nice to have a sexy, but do not abuse: a skirt too short, highly suggestive cleavage, pants too tight, your partner can be intimidating.

A survey on this subject, revealed that what most men tend to like it very feminine women: skirts, dresses, blouses, shoes, fine, good accessories, nice perfume. Complemented by a romantic style natural hair and makeup.

The idea is that your date does not feel overwhelmed. So is that the set you choose is well suited to the occasion, and do not go too fancy and produced with respect to where they go together. It’s never good to show all the letters in the first hand, or imply an excessive interest in the other person.

Finally, once again giving priority to feel good, do not ask borrowed clothes never wore, or go shopping for new clothes, because there is a risk that during the evening you feel uncomfortable.