How to choose fragrance for a man?

Want to surprise? A perfume is a very special gift for your partner or any man because it is a very personal and the man must be identified with the fragrance to use it. Having to choose fragrance for his present to a man may seem a problem, but if you know what you are looking for, it will be more than fun. The fragrances that are made ??for men are very different from those of women but this is also what makes them charming.

How to choose fragrance for a man

Beyond what your possibilities in terms of prices and what the scents recommended by the majority, the main criterion should be that the fragrance suits the person who will use it.  Venture in choosing a perfume for men, Enjoy it and make a great gift.


How is the man you give away the perfume?

The main question to ask yourself before selecting a fragrance for a man is how he is. The details of perfumes usually include the type of personality that you feel better and are very real! There are more extravagant fragrances (oriental), younger and fresh (like citrus), for very active men (such as aromatic) or more markedly male (such as woody), which is mostly recommended for more mature men or conservative in their personality.


Is he your partner?

If the man you gifting fragrance is your boyfriend or husband, consider all that about the personality first, but you can also encourage you to enjoy this election. There are other seductive fragrances that awaken the senses and even some in particular the women crazy. On this occasion, the gift will be for both. Choose something you enjoy also.


How to test the perfume?

Perfumes should be tested outside the bottle, for example, in the cards of the perfume tester. If you smell the bottle, only perceive the louder notes of the perfume. Let stand a few seconds the fragrance on the card before trying it. It has to evaporate a bit before actual aroma noted.


If they are very different fragrances, you can try five. If they are similar, only three. If you feel that you cannot notice the differences, then you can smell coffee beans between each. You must not test the perfume on the skin of other people because the fragrance change depending on the skin where they are applied.