Dresses for every body tips for choosing the ideal dresses

The dresses are a garment very feminine, sensual and elegant but despite this many women refuse to use them because they do not feel comfortable with them. The problem is just in choosing the dress model, every body needs good design so it looks harmonious and beautiful.

Dresses for every body tips for choosing the ideal dresses

That’s why when it comes to choosing a dress is necessary to consider certain details according to the body shape of each. Dare to look beautiful in a dress, this post will be very useful because you will learn to choose the right model for you to best enhance your figure, notes.

Ample hips and thighs
Women with pear-shaped body, small torso and hips and thighs important must choose dresses that reach 4 cm of the knee (not shorter), this is for the lower body see more stylized.
The appropriate colors are dark skirt visually because slim and the top V-necks are phenomenal because they increase the bust and diverts attention to the lower body.

Slight waist
To give the impression of a thinner waistline have to look for models of dresses that Stilicho gird the torso and waist. The empire waist dresses are very favorable, and those with the skirt because by increasing the hips, the waist looks smaller. The ideal color for the torso is the stylized black because, while the hips feel better highlights.

Dresses for every body tips for choosing the ideal dresses

Chubby arms
Never choose dresses with short sleeves or sleeveless is better to opt for models with bell sleeves, three quarter or long sleeves to cover this area.

Few breasts
Ideally choose dresses boat neck, V-neck or princess cut, many come with volumizing filler in this area.

Boobs abundant
Here you have to find harmony in your body and avoid looking too exuberant to be sexy, but elegant. Choose strapless dresses, no cleavage or with necklines that are not too marked to not see both the bust, also in dark colors or without prints.

Very skinny
If you are very thin, with few curves, waisted dresses you feel more than good. Opt for models in colors, prints or glitter to enhance your figure. In case you have very thin legs models prefer long dresses with cheap skirt, or those who are not too short.

To harmonize your figure choose dresses made of fabrics that do not mark the imperfections or fit too. Find waisted dresses or with some ease in the lower body, you also limit the color black can make other color schemes like blue, brown, green, gray, etc. Yes, avoid horizontal stripes and large prints because they give the feeling of greater volume.