How to choose the confetti for wedding

Organizing a wedding is a complex art, so as to have turned into a real profession, that of the wedding planner. However, if you have decided not to use this by professional and want to do everything yourself, it is important to organize a duty to leave no stone unturned and get exactly the result you want.

Typical Symbols of marriage are the confetti: Historically known as a sugar-coated almonds, the candy has become a real bonbon with which to delight the guests. Let’s see how to orient the choice of this important component.

Firstly you must know that nowadays the word candy, in reality, holds a variety of meanings. The classic candy consists of a almond (usually peeled, then the quality may vary) covered with a layer of sugar crispy; were then introduced to the confetti chocolate, that between the coverage of sugar and almond provide a coating to the taste of cocoa. In recent years, however, the market has offering many alternatives to those who are not satisfied with the tradition here is to get the candy filled with fruit, creams, liqueurs and so on, available in white, but also with original colored cover every shades.

Multiply the number of favors for five and get the confetti used for this purpose

Every married couple can then decide: keep a classic style, then orienting the classical Avola almonds covered with fine white sugar, or at least the chocolate filling, now cleared through customs even in traditional marriage, or give a touch modern choosing confetti stuffed multi flavor.

In the latter case, it would be appropriate to include in the set at least part of confetti simple almond, for lovers of tradition (especially grandparents and uncles of a certain age), you can then decide to opt for only declination, or to the so-called confetti multi flavor, to be offered at the end of refreshment together to desserts. Important in this case, remember to give each bowl its tag badge to let guests know in advance the taste of candy!

The same goes for the color: white is the host, but if marriage provides a color theme, why not add some candy in tone, perhaps mixed with the more classic?

Once you have chosen the type (or types!) of confetti, you need to calculate how many sweets you need. The first distinction is whether you deal with only the confetti or if intended for that use are made by those who work the same favors. In this case of course not have to calculate the quantity that you are going to buy. Otherwise, you should figure traditionally five sugared almonds for each wedding favor, you can add one more or less, but remember that you should always be odd!

Multiply the number of favors for five and get the confetti used for this purpose. On average, a kilogram of product consists of about 250-300 confetti, but it should be checked case by case, as the relationship between sugar and almond filling can swing this very estimate!

Then add: about two pounds for confetti of welcome to the home of each family of origin (if you deal with you to this task) and others 3:00 to 4:00 confetti pounds for refreshments at the end. Abundant especially if you choose to offer your guests the confetti in various flavors: everyone likes to try something new. Then, if you like that everyone can take home a taste at his pleasure, you have next to confetti of boxes or cones, folding, in which the insert confetti, perhaps with a pen to write down and remember the taste back home!

Decided what and how, now you need to order or buy your cupcakes. Consider that being a product based on sugar, which is a great preservative, as all the candy and sweets like this are preserved for a long time, however, especially in summer, is should keep them in a cool place, and dry, otherwise the sugar will melt and confetti damaged irreparably.

So, if the wedding is in the spring, you can buy with confetti several months in advance, but if it is good to take place in September or nearly last, however, provide a storage that maintains the quality same applies to the assembled favors: do not forget that contain confetti! Lastly, at the time purchase, especially if you have them early, check the expiration date to avoid any nasty surprises!