How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look

Choosing the ideal dress is a task more complicated than it seems, it is necessary to consider several details to the model are splendid in your body and may be suitable for the type of event that you need.

In this post you will see the guidelines should be followed to achieve the ideal dress and look like a queen, with no margin for errors or mistakes.

How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look


Tips for choosing your dream dress

Decide on the model according to the formality of the event

Depending on the event to assist you should you need a dress with certain characteristics: long, short, elegant, informal, and so on.
How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look
In general, the later in the day of the event is often more elegant and that is when the clothes come into play long the type of model will be in line to where the festival takes place and the socioeconomic status of the guests.

If the event is in summer you can choose a dress in silk fabrics, brocade, organza or jersey among others, while in winter if committed velvet and sequins.
How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look
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Highlight your figure

The most important feature of a new dress is how good it feels to your outline, remember that dark colors and simple cuts are most flattering to all bodies.

But besides this you have to choose a model that shows your best attributes, example if you have beautiful eyes give more importance in terms of styling details, accessories and makeup, leaving the dress simple.

How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look


The clothes are all black, be encouraged to explore the color palette and enlivens your image with new shades. Red and gold are highly recommended for evening events, while moderate cakes with soft highlights or prints are sometimes elegant great day.

The blue, pink and white generally sit well with everyone but in this case there is a caveat, if the dress is to attend a wedding white forget unless you have prints or an important combination with another tone.


The style

See catalogs, internet and magazines for inspiration and never go to what is fashionable because it may not be appropriate for you, instead bet on a dress that reflects classic, timeless elegance, so you can also use it on other occasions.



For special occasions the jewels have to be significant (if permitted by the dress) and the rather small bag. A good strategy is to find earrings, necklaces and bracelets that complement each other and do not necessarily have to be a game, color and style but share in common.