How to do marble Nail effect: step by step guide

This summer we propose a technique very fun and easy to paint your nails in minutes. It only takes some elements like water, stick, tape and colored glazes. The end result is a design of multiple colors in vertical, horizontal or curved that will make a splash.

This summer we propose a technique very fun and easy to paint your nails in minutes

If you are tired of nail art, pictures, moles, French figures or colors, there are other easy techniques and products that do not require much Manicure. Including marble technique, marble or water, which is achieved with designs nail enamels and boiled combined?

Nail the water marble technique: step by step how to do
To do so requires

  • A bowl of cold water
  • Nail colors
  • Wooden sticks (the orange or brochette served)
  • Nail polish remover to clean the end
  • Tape to protect the finger painting

In the choice of glazes, you can use all the desired amount of tones, provided they are not too thick because they will not mix well with water.

The idea is to combine them in shades of the same style, whether pastels, metallic, clear, etc..

With these designs may be bicolor, tricolor or whatever you want, you just have to let your imagination.

Nails marble step

  1. The first is to cover the nail so that the color does not stain the entire finger. To do this, with an adhesive covered all side, up and down.
  2. To make these fun begins choosing combine nail enamels tones.
  3. Then go placing a drop of water in the center and another within this drop and so with all shades. Gradually as the color will spread and gives way to another.
  4. Obviously glazes are oily and therefore do not mix with water or with each other if not stir much.
  5. Once completed the design and the colors in the water you have to put the nail protected with tape.
  6. Leave it in the water a few seconds while the stick is removed the remains of color we do not want to adhere to the finger.
  7. Then remove the nail and the design is already saturated. For durability paintable surface (when dry) with clear nail polish.

Finally, note that the use of the stick is essential not only to remove excess polish in the water, but also to make the designs. If you put it in the water and move, the colors begin to move and take new forms.

To achieve water nails, here is a complete tutorial that explains all the art from beginning to end. In addition there are fun ways to blend the tones. The nails in this summer will not go unnoticed to anyone with such originality.