How To Do The Waxing With Lemon And Sugar

Hair removal: a true rite of beauty of the human body and therefore the same joy and pain of the female and also the male! Why joy? There is no man or woman who does not want to see their skin free of unsightly hair, soft and silky to the touch. Pain because there is no type of hair removal, especially in intimate areas, which does not involve a good deal of patience to it, although of short duration. This guide will provide the reader with information on how to prepare a home waxing depilatory economic, efficient, environmentally friendly, water-soluble and non-irritating.

You need:
Pot, cups of coffee, sugar, lemon, water, strips of cloth or plastic knife without teeth

how to prepare a home waxing depilatory economic

It should be said that, although there are two different methods of application of depilatory waxing in various parts of the body, the procedure of preparing the same, as well as ingredients to be used are roughly equal in both the cases. The first method, the classic one-traditional, provides that the waxing, once ready, is first coated on strips of cloth or plastic and then applied on the body area to be depilated. The other, however, a native of the Arab world, consists of balls of sugar paste that is applied against the grain directly to the skin, without any support and tear later in favor of fur.

The guide will talk about the first system. So how to prepare waxing? First, I should give you the doses so you can start to try your hand in its preparation. They, at this early stage, let’s say “test” will be very roughly indicative and reduced dose. Why is that? Because you will learn on her own, in an experiential situation, what is the best dosage of ingredients. In fact it will be the manual your best teacher. It will tell you what to put in more or less of an ingredient because the wax is present more or less dense.

However, what is important you know are the components and the procedure to be performed.

First prepare the work plan in a pan in the bottom very often (one of those pots in stainless steel were used in the past), a coffee cup of lemon juice, 2 cups of sugar caster and water. Pour sugar and water in saucepan and use a wooden spoon to mix the mixture vigorously. Then light the fire and put on it the pot, keeping the flame very low. Wait until the mixture boiled that slowly transform into a beautiful caramel. Do not worry if at first not be able to find the right area, then as with the experience you will not have these problems.

Then, pour the lemon juice into the saucepan and turn the mixture continuously. At first you will see it turn white but then slowly begin to buy a nice amber color more caramelized. Once you reach the dark, turn off the heat and wait until the mixture has a little to cool, avoid so get of severe burns. Meanwhile, prepare the strips of cloth or plastic strips ready for waxing. You can find these packages in supermarkets. Place therefore one of these strips on the working plane and with a knife without teeth Take from the saucepan a bit ‘of waxing and spread it in the center of the strip, leaving the edges free.

Make sure the touch of a finger that it is quite hot, but not boiling water and then apply it in the area, but not before washing it with an antibacterial soap and dried with accuracy. Please wait a moment acting on the hairs that waxing and then, grasping the strip from the top, pull it down. Run the tear without any hurry. You can reuse the strip for a second hair removal to another area of the body. If you feel that it has cooled down too much or has hardened, put the remainder in a glass container (such as glass) and melt the wax in a double boiler directly, for a few moments, the saucepan on the stove always very low heat.