How to grow nails: care, products and advice

Sometimes the nails grow and maintain healthy, beautiful and strong is complicated. There are several factors that directly influence the health and beauty of your nails.

The causes that are brittle and weakened may be multiple, but so are the ways to fix them. Here we tell you about some reasons why they do not grow, as well as products and treatments that you have available to strengthen nails.

Cleanliness : regular contact with the water and cleaning products often weaken considerably. Try not to use hot water when cleaning, it is preferably warm, besides it also dry out the skin of your hands. Moisturize with repairing cream for hands and nails after prolonged use of water and cleaning products. A radically effective solution is to use gloves when cleaning clean if you get used you will not regret because the skin of your hands and nails will be greatly improved.

factors that directly influence the health and beauty of your nails

Onychophagia : if you bite your nails obviously these will be destroyed. There enamels specially designed for these cases.

Vitamin deficiency : the lack of certain vitamins or amino acids directly affects the health of your nails. If weak and brittle notes that this may be the cause. There are specific for these cases multivitamins also be strengthened, give health and beauty to your hair too. It is marketed under the name Cistimax and Megasistín .

How to protect : you can protect them in many ways. Calciums and nail strengtheners , multivitamins, creams and nail care for water. If you start drinking lend them the care your nails are beautiful and strong in a few weeks.