How to Lift breast to look sexy cleavage

On the breast plastic surgery, placement of implants is not all there in the market to improve their form and appearance. The mastopexy or breast lift, are techniques that allow mothers to return to the form and lost turgor.

It’s that time, large natural breasts, weight loss and pregnancy and lactation, make the tissues supporting the breast to loosen and fall out. This is because the breasts are anatomically fighting gravity since its development in adolescence, barely sustained by soft tissue and elastic as skin, muscles and tendons.

So when a woman realizes that she have the sagging breast, a breast lift surgery is the solution. This is the way to remove excess skin and re-raise the breasts to restore its original shape and firmness.

Note that the mastopexy can be done or not breast implant company. While dentures increase the volume, this procedure works in the form of the bust.

This procedure can raise the nipple-areola complex to its ideal position and reshape the breast tissue for a breast aesthetically correct. To do so, perform a keyhole incision around the nipple and then forming a small triangle below. Thus, excess tissue is removed and the chest rise to the desired position.

Note that this surgery leaves scars, which depend on the tissue to be removed. At the keyhole procedure is added another in the submammary, therefore the final mark will take the form of an inverted T, but also adds the periareolar scar. In some cases, the scar can take the form of L or J, that is, cutting only one side of the inframammary fold. In these cases, it may look generous cleavage without showing marks. But the surgeon who evaluates the best procedure for each patient, and in any case depends on your particular anatomy and tissue to be removed.

In some cases when the breast is too large, it removes some of the fatty tissue of the same. In others, when instead the breast is very small, the implant is placed in the same incision. When the patient is subject to its volume but just want to lift, not touching fat or add the prosthesis.

Another cosmetic procedure that can be added to the lifting of breasts is to reduce and change the size of the areola if you think that is aesthetic proportions.

Like any surgery, there are some risks, such as the use of anesthesia, infection, poor healing. If you have children later, breastfeeding can be affected. And it is not impossible that with the passage of time, the bust fall again.

However, mastopexy is a great alternative to the natural fall of the breast, the woman returned to her self-esteem and help you look more harmonious silhouette.