How to prevent stress from affecting your skin

Skin stress tips

The stress is never good. It is not for your health and not for your skin , which can suffer the effects of a busy life and the burden that we can feel in the day to day. The accumulated tension causes the immune system to weaken, so that the hormones that are responsible for giving lightness and smoothness to the skin are also affected.

That’s why today I want to give you some tips to prevent this stress from affecting your skin, not only for its appearance and for aesthetic reasons, but also for health. That is, in the end, the important thing.

Skin stress tips
Maintain a good diet

If stress causes you to not eat evenly and forget about vegetables or fruit, you will be contributing to the condition of your skin worsening , because you will not receive the nutrients necessary to be well. The same thing happens with water. There is no excuse to go drinking all day, or if you can not drink tea too. It is essential that you are hydrated.

Sleep well

When we are stressed we usually sleep poorly, or sleep little. Sometimes it is inevitable, but it is something we must control. At least you must rest 7 hours a day, it is the time that the cells of the skin will need to regenerate .


Practice exercise

Nothing better to combat stress than to exercise. Leave a gap in your busy schedule to walk even half an hour, at a fast pace. Your skin will be better, and more important, your health as well.

Spend time with your body care

In times of stress we hardly have time for yourselves, but this you must learn to solve. Make up when you get home and clean your face before going to sleep. Once a week, exfoliate your skin to eliminate dead cells and promote oxygenation.