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How to protect the skin from pollution

The environmental pollution is harmful to health and particularly for your skin. Not only harms us organically but also affects us aesthetically, and skin reveals their grievances quickly.

The air having high concentrations of ozone makes considerably down the levels of vitamin E in the stratum corneum of the skin, making it not effective barrier to external influences inflammatory responses yet generated in the deeper layers.

Skin overnight fires accumulated toxins in the day, so it is essential to place a serum vitamin C and half hour cream rich in antioxidants

On the other hand, all pollutants increase free radicals, which as we know are unstable molecules that affect the ability of the skin to produce collagen and elastin, increasing thus the aging process.

To make matters worse, the oxidative stress of pollution on the surface and inside of the skin, contributing to skin aging and particularly to the appearance of spots .
When pollutant exposure is prolonged, cases of allergies, asthma develop or eczema.

In a previous post we have seen how we can do to avoid exposure to these toxic agents, and in this note we continue to evaluate other aspects.

Avoid chlorinated water

Not only should you drink filtered water, but also have to put filters in the water from the shower, and in all faucets of the house. Clor damages the body both inside and out.

Use sunscreen

An indirect effect of pollution is damage to the ozone layer, which results in greater penetration of UV radiation and free radicals.
The frequent use of sunscreen (all year) reduces the risk of skin cancer and aging premature.

Exfoliate regularly

Remove dead skin cells and is very important. Ideally, make a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week.
Once a month try with chemical exfoliants such as AHAs and BHA.

Night cream

Skin overnight fires accumulated toxins in the day, so it is essential to place a serum vitamin C and half hour cream rich in antioxidants.

Use fragrance-free products

It is also important that the products used on the skin, are free of harmful substances such as the “fragrance” because it may contain a host of aggressive agents. Parabens are harmful, like certain types of silicones.

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