How to reduce frizz in your hair: Tips to Keep hair healthy

How to reduce frizz in your hair
One of the most common problems we suffer when trying to tame our hair is frizz. This makes our hair look tangled, dry, dull and careless, something that we find very annoying especially if we are going to attend a special event. We give you some keys to know how to reduce it in your hair.

First of all, we should know that frizz can occur in any type of hair, although it is more frequent in curly or wavy hair. It takes place when the hair is too dry and needs moisture , so it expands in all directions. The use of dyes, excess sun, contact with chlorine and seawater, and the abuse of dryers and irons are factors that promote the appearance of this problem.

Keys to reduce frizz in your hair

The good news is that we can end it by following some simple tips.

1. Wash the hair with warm water , never hot. It is also advisable to rinse it with cold water, as this way we close the cuticles.

2. Use anti-fouling products. There are many in the market, which can be adapted to our type of hair: curly, smooth, dyed … The important thing is that they hydrate well; for this, the most indicated are those rich in oils, special for dry hair and with repairing effects. It is advised to avoid products with ammonia and alcohol.

3. Wear a mask on a regular basis. At least once a week it is important that we apply a repairing mask of means to ends, allowing it to act between 10 and 30 minutes.

4. Dry gently. We should not rub the hair with the towel, as we can break the cuticle more. The ideal way to do it is by giving small touches, eliminating excess water. Also, rubbing with the towel adds electricity to the hair.

5. Use a brush made of natural bristles or wood bristles. You have to comb wet hair carefully, trying not to break. It is recommended to do it with a wooden comb or natural bristles, since plastic or metal bristles are charged with static electricity.

6. Do not abuse plates and dryers. These dry the hair a lot, so it is better to use them moderately. If we are going to do it, we will have to previously apply a thermal protector. Although we should not leave with wet hair to the street, as this favors frizz , especially if we live in a wet area. We also have to apply a protector if we are going to sunbathe.

7. Keep hair healthy. None of the above will be useful if we do not keep our hair healthy and strong. For this it is essential that we cut the tips frequently. Long hair tends to curlless thanks to its own weight, although it needs a defined cut; It is necessary that the tips are not completely straight, but that they end slightly in peak.