How To Remove Hair Color From Skin

tips To Remove Hair Color From Skin


Before making the color it would be appropriate to put a generous amount of moisturizer, any cream you will be fine in the house, along with the hairline and parts of exposed skin that may come into contact with the colors, the interior of the arms, the neck and the ears, to avoid that the color penetrates into the epidermis. This will then be removed by washing the hair and take away with if the residual color that otherwise would be stored on our body.

When the damage is done you can remove the color of hair from the skin choosing from natural methods or chemicals.

tips To Remove Hair Color From Skin

Natural Remedies

Among the most popular natural methods and sometimes recommended by the hair stylists, you have: cigarette ash collected with a swab of cotton previously moistened and rubbed on the affected (most effective when the color is clear) use alcohol content in perfume, aftershave, or cologne always taken with a cotton pad.

Among the less attractive are: the nail polish remover or acetone, if you prefer, cleansing milk that will take more than a day to repair the damage; lemon juice that has a great whitening power and can also be used to remove any stains that are created on the clothes used during coloring, read or toothpaste.

These operations are as easy as nail polish remover!

Remember not to rub ever with force but massage to promote the natural regeneration of the skin. This will cause a blush that can soothe and rinse and subsequent use of moisturizer.

Chemical remedies

Include home remedies unless you use the liquid for the permanent dose or special wipes to remove stains from color, or the stain remover chemical. The best known is the Chemico, suitable product, available through retailers for hairdressers, beauty stores and some supermarkets.

The use of non-chemical nature has as an indication against the possibility of “cooking” the skin if not used with caution.


Whichever option you choose, remember not to rub the skin vigorously with a towel or wipe the product chosen, as this further irritate the skin which is already stressed by staining.