How to shape eyebrow for a seductive look with or without plucking

The shape of the eyebrows of one person can change the look of the whole face. Eyes can frame and shape the look of face. Learn how to properly shave the eyebrows to make yourself attractive. It may be one of the most important lessons for the maintenance of face. The epilation of eyebrows vary depending upon the shape and thickness thereof.

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How to shape eyebrow for a good look

The first thing is to design the shape of your eyebrows. To do this, most experts recommend to put a pencil or ruler next to the nose as a guide.

Point the pen from the side of the nose to the corner of the eye, at the point where the pencil touches the eyebrow this must be the length of the eyebrow. The hairs after this point are removed so that the eyes are more focused. Now point the pen to the center of the eye, look straight ahead.

The point where the pencil through the center of the eye (iris) and intercepts the eyebrow should be the highest point of the arch of the eyebrow.

Now point the pencil to the inner corner of eye (brow). Where the pencil intersects the brow should be the beginning of this. The hairs out of these markings can be removed.

How to shape eyebrow for a good look

The thickness depends on the original size of the eyebrows and the look you want to give. It is important that the start of the flange is thicker than the rest of the eyebrow. Try not to leave more than half an inch between the eyes to prevent your nose look wider.

If your eyebrows are very straight, round the middle of the brow line, leaving a little thick at the beginning and the end and then slightly shave the top of these two extremes. If you have sparse eyebrows avoids making a line too fine. If you have your eyebrows shaped caret, shave slightly at the tip of stress to have a more rounded shape.

Ideally, plucking eyebrows in the shower is better because the hot water and steam have enlarged pores and hairs are removed more easily. Preferably shave before a fixed mirror (not hand) in a good light, naturally light better. Avoid shaving during menstruation because the skin is more sensitive. It is normal for skin redness after waxing so it is recommended that you shave the eyebrows a few hours before leaving home. If your skin is very sensitive and irritated too, apply cold compresses.